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  1. Joseph Othieno: Ignore naysayers and schedule a Covid-19 vaccine

    Unlike in technological innovations, here we are racing against death.

  2. Joseph Othieno: This is why high risk perception index is needed

    Too much fear results in stigmatisation of the victims, which is counterproductive.

  3. Joseph Othieno: Stem the ‘driver’, now let us give it the passengers

    Since the Stone Age, man has been preoccupied with inventions and innovations; to this there will be no end.

  4. OTHIENO: Fear is unnecessary artillery in battle to end Covid-19

    Fear arising from correct information will always be within a threshold that arouses correct behaviour.

  5. Adieu Wanguhu Ng’ang’a: Last of the Lumumba Institute rebels

    Politician was a Moi aide who later became a critic of the Nyayo regime.

  6. OTHIENO: This is how our behaviour spreads diseases

    Risk perception is how easily we associate a specific behaviour or action to an inherent risk.

  7. OTHIENO: Have girls vaccinated against cervical cancer

    The vaccine is a timely saviour whose single shot protects us from a myriad types of cancer.

  8. Huge power transmission gulf that keeps your bills sky-high

    Decades of thin investment in evacuation systems to see consumers bear the burden.

  9. OTHIENO: With ‘London Patient’, cure for Aids could now be in the horizon

    There will be a lot of soiling of hands before scientific community enjoys a eureka moment.

  10. Farmers ring their cowsheds with nets to beat tsetse flies

    KENTTEC supports 25 dairy farmers groups to curb tsetse fly infestation.

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