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  1. AMUKE: Kriss Darling as a metaphor of Kenyan politics

    It appears the DJ is learning fast how to play the game that is Kenyan politics.

  2. AMUKE: Kibra MP: A man cut from a rare kind of cloth

    There really isn’t any better eulogy than that which Okoth wrote for himself especially for the people of Kibra.

  3. AMUKE: Handshake must now rise way above narrow Stop Ruto agenda

    What are Mr Odinga and President Kenyatta to do to avert the escalation of the already political mud fight?

  4. AMUKE: Uhuru needs reset button to survive political turbulence

    Today, President Kenyatta finds himself in the unflattering position.

  5. AMUKE: Police need to go easy on the trigger, reach out to civilians 

    Police and civilians are one and the same, only that one group wears uniform and is armed.

  6. AMUKE: Is Uhuru a general without an army, and can he regroup?

    The President’s eternal undoing has been his wallowing in proclamations, never pouncing.

  7. OTIDI: State House trespass should put spotlight on mental health issues

    Kibet should receive the necessary medical attention and be allowed to sit his final exam.

  8. AMUKE: Mike Sonko’s secret tapes and the mystery of the deep state

    Could a group of people somewhere may be hatching a plot to cut Sonko to size?

  9. AMUKE: Binyavanga was controversial, but Kenya owes him tribute

    Like Soyinka, Binyavanga was probably not bothered about remembrance, since that is a question for others.

  10. AMUKE: Did Uhuru’s absence expose Ruto as being non-presidential?

    Has lost the DP presidential poise necessary for someone who is part of the presidency?

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