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  1. Gabriel Oguda: Nick, to be president of dead talent, go work in a mortuary

    We wonder why it’s always you being picked on to be the candidate for sleepless nights.

    Nick Mwendwa
  2. Gabriel Oguda: IEBC must assure us all votes will be taught how to count

    There are many things Kenyans would love to stay in long queues for, and voting for those who’ll increase fuel prices isn’t one of them.

    Voter registration
  3. 'Massacre in Morocco': Who's saying what as Mali hammer Harambee Stars

    Firat was given a rude welcome to African football.

    Harambee Stars
  4. Gabriel Oguda: The youth want recognition and not the history of Kenya

    Speak to the youth without cutting corners.

    UDA campaign rally
  5. Gabriel Oguda: Public apology to Senate and National Assembly members

    We wish to state that we have been mistaken to believe our MPs don’t mean well.

     Senate and National Assembly
  6. Gabriel Oguda: We only have one skin that’s now badly bruised by poverty

    Mr President, everywhere you look, there’s weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  7. Gabriel Oguda: Stop paying lip service to CBC issues with our money

    The Education ministry should come up with standardised assessment tools for every child under the CBC.

  8. Gabriel Oguda: IEBC must work in silence, leave courts to tennis players 

    We take our hats off to Wafula Chebukati and his lean team for putting on a brave face despite being thinly spread on the ground.

    Wafula Chebukati
  9. Gabriel Oguda: Parents did not take their children to study on the road

    Our children have just returned for midterm break, less than two weeks after they left home to join Form One.

  10. Gabriel Oguda: Hunger enjoying the same VIP treatment locusts got

    Kenya has immense potential but is hampered down by a worrying drought of visionary leaders.

    Desert locusts

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