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  1. Moi University hosts literary and cultural studies meeting

    Fifth edition of the biannual regional regional conference featured academics from all over the world.

    Prof Pumla Dineo Gqola
  2. PRIME Jubilee Party in crisis talks

    Ruling coalition converges on Pangani on Wednesday to chart the way forward, following humiliating loss in Kiambaa.

    Uhuru Kenyatta
  3. PRIME Inside KICD book evaluation

    Learners in Grade 6 will have fewer course books to choose from.

    Education Cabinet George Magoha
  4. Why literature curriculum must join the 21st century

    In the fast changing world influenced by technology, study focus should by now have shifted from the 1960s debate on decolonisation.

    Ngugi wa Thiong'o
  5. Complete the revolution of the literature curriculum

    A look at what ails the literature departments of Kenyan and African universities.

    University of Nairobi
  6. JP Clark’s death reminds us of the complexity of history

    Despite having fought for so long to normalise Nigeria,it is ironic that he died at a time the country is engulfed in violence.

  7. 2020 Nobel Prize celebrates political indifference

    It is fair to question what really informs the decisions of the Nobel Prize panellists when it comes to gender and regional choice of winners.

  8. Why Ngugi should have rejected Catalonia prize

    Catalonians were using Ngugi to advance their nationalism and promote their desire to separate from Spain.

  9. Ngugi homage to Catalonia and our nationalist politics

    Kenyan author's decision to speak in Gukuyu symbolically supported the Catalian separatist agenda.

  10. Book Review: Don’s tantalising memoir could have yielded more

    ‘Silent Footsteps’ traces the life and times of university don Prof Ipara Odeo

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