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  1. Eric Ng'eno: Koome must abandon appeasement of the Executive

    To restore public confidence, it is imperative that Koome abandons the highly problematic and doomed strategy of executive appeasement.

    Martha Koome
  2. Eric Ng'eno: Martha Koome’s optics risk eroding public confidence in Judiciary

    Whenever circumstances demand that she take a strong stand, she instead collapses into silence and ambiguity.

    Martha Koome
  3. Eric Ng’eno: Trickle of revelations casts Kenya as an odious nest of predatory vipers

    Three highly dangerous terror suspects somehow made their way out of the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison and vanished into thin air.

    Kemsa warehouse in Nairobi.
  4. Eric Ng'eno: Kondele incident and our diabolical march towards normalising violence

    At issue in the Kondele outrage was the assignment of accountability and legitimate victimhood in conformity with salient political narratives.

  5. Eric Ng'eno: Colonial propaganda of profiling ‘others’ has vandalised our moral compass 

    The postcolonial Kenyan state has displayed astonishing fluency in deploying the colonial playbook.

    Mau Mau fighters
  6. Eric Ng'eno: Epidemic of illegal state actions is the unsightly burden of AG’s office

    The government’s legal adviser has a cardinal obligation to shoehorn all political decisions into constitutional conformity.

    Sheria House
  7. Eric Ng'eno: AG has failed us, Kenya deserves legal services from the best minds 

    The Office of the Attorney-General and Department of Justice is the organisation which conducts the legal affairs of the Republic of Kenya.

    Attorney-General, Paul Kihara Kariuki
  8. Eric Ng'eno: Tribute to Monari, talented lover of life betrayed by regime he adored

    Evans Nyarong’i Monari packed into his brief life what many would need several lifetimes to accomplish.

    Evans Monari
  9. Eric Ng'eno: Chasm between the toiling masses and savvy operators of the offshore universe

    All the financial scandals that have crippled our economy involve an offshore dimension.

    Uhuru Kenyatta
  10. Eric Ng'eno: The patronising message shrouded in tycoons’ quest to protect Uhuru

    Their counsel, help and assistance is always nauseously patronising.

    Lucy Wanjiru | Nation Media Group

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