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  1. Actress seeks to own the name ‘kapienga’ 

    Popular actress has applied to own Sheng word that is often given to tiny things or people of a short stature.

    Shix Kapienga
  2. Trouble etches ‘madoadoa’ on Mithika’s political face

    Linturi’s supposed loose tongue made hell break loose when he made remarks about “madoadoa”

    Linturi Caricature
  3. PRIME The rise of Kenyan-born football star Bruce Kamau

    The Kenyan-born Australian professional footballer has been making headline in top-flight leagues.

    Bruce Kamau
  4. Wikipedia credibility tussle rages on 21 years later

    Whereas Wikipedia can be quickly edited and updated, it is also prone to unverified information and vandalism.

  5. Sudi airport drama ‘linked to Ruto's campaign funding’

    Kapseret MP caused a scene at Wilson Airport on Wednesday by insisting on using the VIP lounge without his bags and those of two foreigners.

    Oscar Sudi
  6. PRIME Speaker finds Wajir Woman Rep’s sweets too bitter to chew

    A former social worker, Ms Fatuma Gedi Ali was probably reliving her charitable days when she was nicknamed “Father Christmas”.

    Fatuma Gedi Ali
  7. PRIME Controversial book that sought to unmask Leakey

    Shortly after the book came out, Dr Leakey joined politics as a member of Safina Party.

    Richard Leakey
  8. PRIME Austin Bukenya: Cultural planning and new language of ‘Sipangwingi’

    Singer Exray’s Sipangwingi is the latest of Kenyan pop blockbusters with a challenging “rebellious” tone to them.

  9. PRIME How Guardian Angel’s gospel song brewed love

    Esther Musila fell in love with Guardian Angel’s song, ‘Rada’; this week they got married.

    Guardian Angel and Esther Musila
  10. PRIME Why New Year resolutions fail...and how to make them stick

    ‘Lifestyle’ held a resolutions “clinic” with experts from various fields who shared their advice.

    New year resolutions.

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