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  1. Abolishing the Department of Literature at UoN was bad idea

    Decision by the council might see the respected university lose its identity and respect.

  2. University of Nairobi should not allow Ngugi dream to die

    The problem with the university’s decision to kill the iconic Department of Literature and combining literature with linguistics.

    Fountain of knowledge
  3. Anglo-Leasing scandal: Obure has case to answer

    Court puts Obure on defence over his time as Finance minister.

    Transport and Infrastructure CAS Chris Obure
  4. PRIME UoN changes must not erase contributions of literature department

    Department has been home to many Kenyans and foreigners and has contributed to a thriving intellectual network globally.

    Ngugi wa Thiong'o
  5. The biggest newsmakers of 2020

    Here's a list of the people who hit headlines in the biggest way this year.

  6. Africa kills her sun: Why it’s pointless to belittle Ngugi

    Prof Indangasi has a history of making not-so-flattering remarks against his former colleague.

    Ngugi wa Thiong’o
  7. Of Ngugi, myths and facts as literature department turns 50

    Truth about Ngugi’s letter and the politics behind the PhD in the study and teaching of literature at the UoN.

    Prof Ngugi wa Thiong'o
  8. Poor managers pose huge risk to Kenya’s education

    Top Jogoo House officials are used to issuing threats rather than consulting.

  9. Austin Bukenya: Tumani’s baby shower and Evan Mwangi’s postcolonial animal

    Tumani would be the first gorilla to have a baby at New Orleans’ Audubon Zoo in the past 24 years.

  10. Challenges awaiting Kenyan universities in remote teaching

    Digital lessons are especially draining because of staring at computers for long periods.

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