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  1. Year of the arts

    These four artists participated in the National Visual Arts Symposium sponsored by the government to create dialogue on the need for a national art gallery in Kenya.

  2. Not for clicks

    Meet the new generation of YouTube content creators who are driven by forces bigger than fame and money, and are keen to keep their audience numbers low.

  3. This is what it takes to excel in supply chain management

    I am glad that we now have many organisations with the heads of the supply chain at the C-suite.

    Maryanne Karanja is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS-UK).
  4. How to fit in fast with your new colleagues

    Choosing to have lunch alone or generally keeping to yourself, for whatever reason especially when you are still new, might send the wrong signal and take you longer to bond with your new...

  5. Young painter aspires to be the Da Vinci of our time

    Fridah decries the fact that in Kenya, most people are not informed when it comes to art. This means they do not understand the point of art or even why it costs money.

  6. My journey from banking to customer experience specialist  customer 

    Susan Ngula is the Operations and Customer Experience Director at TALA.

  7. Respect is critical for the different generations to work harmoniously

    "In the course of my career, I have realised that sometimes employees focus so much on remuneration that they lose the bigger picture, "Jackie Ogonji.

  8. Playing carefully curated Kenyan content is our goal

    Most budding artists take between seven and 10 years to get their content aired on radio, but Radio254 supports them by giving them a platform where their music can be heard.

  9. Stop focusing on getting jobs and start pursuing wholesome education

    We tell students to study certain courses so that they can be employed and from day one, students begin to think about jobs, rather than what they are studying and the need to acquire quality...

  10. Through the chaos of pandemic learning

    A 2021 study published by Health and Healthcare in Gender Diverse Communities found that 94 per cent of learners have experienced either high, moderate or low psychological distress from Covid-19.

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