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  1. The battle over abortion

    Controversies, paralysing stigma and a case for the 2010 Constitution

  2. Makau Mutua: Leave my crystal ball alone

    If I was a witchdoctor, I would peer into my cowrie shells and other assorted tools of the trade and see the future.

    Makau Mutua
  3. Is Mutahi Ngunyi the Oracle of Kenyan politics?

    Ngunyi made predictions years ahead that came to pass

  4. Kenya's best and highest earning podcasts

    The 'Mics Are Open podcast', arguably the most commercially successful podcast in Kenya

  5. One in five serving governors has faced a criminal charge

    More governors were prosecuted than senators and MPs

  6. Sheng owes its vocabulary more to English than to Kiswahili

    Money has the highest number of Sheng words while chokora is the only word that seems to have made it into the kamusi (dictionary)

  7. Fatal dose: Children innocent victims of poison murders

    Two in three child deaths involved a female suspect

  8. Violence against women: We can do more than just tweet

    Online campaigns popular but just how far does the message go?

  9. Long live Unbwogable! Wamlambez is just a passing cloud

    The influence of music goes beyond dance and listenership, and that’s where the two hits part lanes

  10. Why Kenya will be lucky to win Somalia maritime case

    Previous rulings have in most cases used a maritime boundary delimitation principle which, in this case, favours Somalia

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