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  1. A-Z of forgiveness: How to make your apology count

    You hold the ability and freedom to set limits and boundaries and make choices and decisions that will ensure that you do not go through the same sour experiences in the future

    You must never assume that you know what needs to be done to remedy the pain.
  2. Here’s a profile of men who sexually assault women

    Although psychological disorders or mental illness are the major drivers of sexual abuse, they are not always the causes.

    Men who sexually assault women will also hang out with friends who sexually assault women.
  3. In your partner having an emotional affair? Read on to find out

    You are having an emotional affair if you engage in communication, actions, or behaviours that encourage emotional intimacy with someone other than your spouse.

    There is a thin line between an emotional affair and a platonic friendship.
  4. Is your partner cheating? We explore the signs

    It will be a bad sign if someone is all over your partner’s social media, and seems to show a level of intimacy and humuor with him that puts you off.

    If you overwhelmingly feel that things are out of order, take care to find out what is wrong.
  5. Chris Hart: Stand out from the crowd and impress her 

    The best men simply decide to stand out from the crowd, so that the loveliest girls choose to be with them instead.

    Smart man
  6. Is there a place for adult movies in relationships?

    Where pornography is an issue in the relationship, there will tend to be another bigger issue hiding beneath the surface.

    The habit of watching adult movies hardly starts when partners start a relationship.
  7. Filicide, psychosis and schizophrenia: Why men kill their children

    Other risk factors include the breaking up of a family, a blended family, and financial disturbances such as a job loss or getting auctioned.

    Acts of murder on children are perpetrated by men as an extension of their domestic violence towards their wives.
  8. Making your second marriage work

    When you make a decision to get married again, take a step back and conduct a thorough autopsy on your previous marriage.

    There are steps you can take to insulate yourself and the new marriage you’re entering into.
  9. Rebound relationships: What you should know about making yours work

    Just because you have willingly entered into a rebound relationship doesn’t mean you won’t be heartbroken again.

    Take care not to bad-mouth your ex-partner regardless of the mess that may have triggered your breakup.
  10. Is he ‘father material’? Signs he'll make a good father (when dating as a single mum)

    If he keeps his promises to you and the child and sticks to his word, then he is a winner.

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