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  1. S. Africa scientists detect new Covid ‘super-variant’

    One fortunate aspect of the new variant is that it is easy to detect.

    South Africa Covid test
  2. Ramaphosa to host Uhuru in key summit

    The two leaders will also address the South Africa-Kenya Business Forum.

    Uhuru Kenyatta and Cyril Ramaphosa
  3. PRIME ANC ‘ready to be in opposition', says Ramaphosa

    The party is struggling even to pay its own staff, some of whom have gone on strike.

  4. PRIME South Africans find unfulfilled promises at end of rainbow

    "Nothing ever changes," says Miriam, 29, "That's why I didn't vote."

    South Africa voters
  5. PRIME ANC loses ground in South Africa's 'shake-up' elections

    Despite its poor showing, the ANC was on track to retain the largest slice of the vote in eight of South Africa's nine provinces.

    South Africa elections
  6. SA municipal elections off to 'good start'

    Some 26 million eligible citizens are choosing representatives in SA's eight metros, 44 district councils and 205 local municipalities.

    South Africa voters
  7. South Africa sends SADC team to Eswatini

    Claims have been made of widespread human rights abuses in the kingdom.

  8. PRIME Zimbabwe-South Africa border backlogged again

    The majority of vehicles stuck are trucks carrying goods into Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania.

    Zimbabwe-South Africa border
  9. PRIME SA's ANC wades through murder, graft scandals

    A regional minister has been arrested on double murder charges.

    African National Congress flag
  10. Rogue elements in S.Africa’s security agency spy on ‘everyone’

    The crooks are using a hi-tech spying device.

    South African police

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