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  1. Charles Onyango-Obbo: The problem with the mad man in the African market

    The so-called “mad” men and women in the African market are crying for help but they are seen as a normal fixture.

    Mental health
  2. Charles Onyango-Obbo: Are terrorists winning by losing?

    Many Kenyans on social media simply didn’t believe the official story of the jailbreak by three convicted terrorists at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

    kamiti terror convicts caught
  3. PRIME Why we all need to care about journalists

    Despite being harassed, exiled or jailed in some countries, journalists often soldier on, determined to fulfil their duties.

  4. Charles Onyango-Obbo: We’ll miss Ethiopia but show goes on

    Thousands of people have been killed and displaced, and in Tigray, they face a humanitarian crisis of biblical proportions.

    Abiy Ahmed
  5. 150 years of journalism in East Africa: Pioneers tell their tales

    The book focuses on telling individual stories of journalists surrounded by different circumstances.

    Journalism in Eastern Africa
  6. Charles Onyango-Obbo: You want to be dictator for life in Africa? Make everyone rich

    It’s a common criticism that rich people and the upper-middle class are often pro-status quo because they don’t want to lose their goodies.

  7. Charles Onyango-Obbo: A coup in Sudan and how bread and wine can keep soldiers away

    To close the door to coup makers, the trick is to occupy the spaces they exploit with goodies; with groceries; with bread and wine.

    General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan
  8. Charles Onyango-Obbo: Kenya, where politics doesn’t sleep

    Election is 10 months away but you wouldn’t know it from how frenetic the campaigning is.

    William Ruto and Raila Odinga
  9. Onyango-Obbo: The ‘death’ of Kenya’s 100-year-old hotels a sign of something

    If you take a very broad view, the Covid-fuelled misfortunes of Treetops and its cousins represent the end of an era.

    Treetops Hotel
  10. Onyango-Obbo: We are finding our way back

    By one reckoning, there are only about 10 African countries where there is effective and productive and creative state control over all its territory.

    Filipe Nyusi and Paul Kagame

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