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  1. Quiz: What’s your attachment style?

    Understanding your bonding style can lead to healthier and happier relationships

  2. PRIME The profits and pitfalls of dating older, married men

    Many of the young women who date married men usually end up regretting the time lost.

  3. Schedule regular dates to discuss  your relationship 

    Benson Olendo and his wife have a scheduled date every two months, where they only talk about their marriage, and their goals.

  4. PRIME The loneliness pandemic

    Why emotional abandonment in marriage is far too common today.

  5. When homes turn into killing and torture fields

    The horrifying headlines we keep reading about couples killing one another or parents killing children reflect the defeating circumstances many find themselves in.

  6. Battered men suffer in silence

    Shame, stigma keep most male domestic violence victims from coming forward.

  7. PRIME The ABC of an amicable divorce

    It is possible to have an amicable divorce but this comes from the decision that we would want to be objective.

    Catherine Gachutha
  8. Mum2Mum: The impact of an open marriage on children

    Children who grow up in polygamous environments are affected in multiple ways.

    happy couple
  9. Faith Oneya: When children fall victim to the culture of silence, shame

    Even the Kenyan law is complicit in shrouding sex in unnecessary mystery.

    sexual violence
  10. Mum2Mum: Help me deal with my son’s anger

    I am the mother of a teenager and I’m very worried about my son’s anger towards his foster father.

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