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  1. Lizz Ntonjira: Staying true to myself and standing my ground have seen me progress

    Lizz Ntonjira Mutuma is the Global Communication Director at Amref Health Africa

    Lizz Ntonjira Mutuma
  2. PRIME Politicians who never stopped teaching

    Not even the hectic and consuming life of politics could keep them away from the classroom.

    Kivutha Kibwana
  3. Timothy Samson Ayuo: We need laws on artificial intelligence

    AI penetration is evident in Kenya with live facial scanners in use and biometric data captured even in Huduma cards.

    Artificial Intelligence
  4. Peter Mwaura: Battle over length of stories, BBI appellate briefs and the lazy dog

    Nation contributors and would-be contributors often complain that editors are too strict with their word count.

    Naromoru Girls Secondary School
  5. PRIME Ezekiel Mutua: I'm very impatient with mediocrity

    My greatest drive in life is passion and an insatiable desire to get things done.

  6. PRIME How Kenyans are losing billions online

    The Central Bank of Kenya has issued warnings about the prevalence of online pyramid and ponzi scams.

    Bank notes
  7. PRIME Experts advise on how to make money from cryptocurrency

    The first step is to check out if the virtual currency can be found on

  8. Flight blockade will devastate local businesses

    For many Kenyans, the decision by the United Kingdom to implement a travel ban amounts to betrayal.

    JKIA Nairobi
  9. How deepfakes could make Kenyan politics murkier

    The technology has been banned from Facebook due to its potential to manipulate users.

    artificial intelligence
  10. Bitange Ndemo: Lessons for the world from events in US

    The US has demonstrated the need to build resilient institutions as they are key to protecting individual liberties.

    US Capitol protests

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