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  1. Azim Lakhani: Celebrating decades of health, education and research ties with Kenya

    Aga Khan Development Network's recent investment in health has been significant.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta
  2. Azim Lakhani, Amin Kurji and Amin Mawji: Covid pandemic has reshaped the way we think about partnerships

    The pandemic has highlighted the shared vulnerability of humanity.

    Covid-19 testing
  3. Azim Lakhani: Transforming strategies to facilitate a post-Covid-19 era that's full of hope

    Addressing complex issues in healthcare and education during a pandemic requires enormous resources.

    Covid vaccine
  4. LAKHANI: AKDN has played a big part in Kenya’s Covid-19 response

    His Highness the Aga Khan sees improving the quality of life of humankind as the mandate of his office.

  5. THE AGA KHAN: We can help people construct strong sustainable foundations

    The rest of the World has much to learn from Africa.

  6. Kusi: Youth dividend key to Africa's prosperity

    Creating job opportunities was flagged as a crucial step in empowering the young generation.

  7. Kusi ideas: The Africa we want for the next 60 years

    The event will be co-hosted by Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

  8. LAKHANI: Leave planet better than you found it

    Each generation must leave for its successors a wholesome and sustainable social and physical environment.

  9. ‘Fragile Beauty’ exhibition depicts diversity of marine life- PHOTOS

    He desires that these sceneries be kept pristine and be preserved.

  10. LAKHANI: How to conserve habitat and grow economy

    AKDN has been involved in conservation efforts in Kenya for decades.

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