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  1. Adhere Cavince: Wangi Yi’s visit injects new impetus in Kenya-China ties

    Kenya is among five African countries that currently maintain a comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership with China.

    Uhuru Kenyatta
  2. Adhere Cavince: Wang Yi’s visit demonstrates confidence in Kenya

    China is today Kenya’s largest trade partner, development projects financier, and constructor.

    Uhuru Kenyatta, Wang Yi
  3. Adhere Cavince: In Africa, it is the power of China’s example that counts

    On global partnerships, African countries are calling for more trade and less aid.

    China-Africa Cooperation
  4. China comes through for Africa in pandemic fight

    Many Africans worry about economic recovery prospects from the Covid-19 pandemic.

    China-Africa Cooperation
  5. Adhere Cavince: Why America’s democracy summit must promote global development

    The US should gracefully contend with and welcome the contribution of Africa’s other development partners.

    China SGR
  6. Adhere Cavince: Beijing Olympics chance to promote global ties through sports

    Staging the games as scheduled in the backdrop of a global health crisis is no mean feat.

    Winter Olympics
  7. Adhere Cavince: Is US summit on democracy necessary?

    According to the White House, the Summit is primed to fortify the spirit of democracy around the world.

    Joe Biden
  8. Adhere Cavince: Expo great boost to China-Africa economic cooperation

    China has maintained a lead position as Africa’s largest trade partner for 12 years straight, having displaced the US in 2009.

    China-Africa relations
  9. Adhere Cavince: Trade in services key to Kenya’s economic recovery

    Kenya can leverage e-commerce to foster economic viability in the backdrop of travel restrictions due to the global health crisis.

  10. Adhere Cavince: China’s coal decision biggest move to cut global warming

    Coal is estimated to contribute up to 40 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions.


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