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  1. Adhere Cavince: Trade in services key to Kenya’s economic recovery

    Kenya can leverage e-commerce to foster economic viability in the backdrop of travel restrictions due to the global health crisis.

  2. Adhere Cavince: China’s coal decision biggest move to cut global warming

    Coal is estimated to contribute up to 40 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions.

  3. Adhere Cavince: Need to up counter-terrorism ante despite strides since Westgate siege

    The State should seal all the loopholes that make it possible for terrorists to continue having a footprint in the country.

    Westgate shopping mall
  4. Adhere Cavince: Sinopharm approval bolsters Kenya-China pandemic cooperation

    Kenya is currently facing an upsurge of infections from more transmissible and deadly virus variants.

    Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine
  5. Adhere Cavince: Destructive politics holding back global pandemic response

    At least 60 countries have written to the WHO to oppose politicisation of Covid-19 response.

    Joe Biden
  6. Adhere Cavince: Illicit campaign cash a recipe for the erosion of democracy

    Many aspirants turn to politics as an avenue for personal enrichment and aggrandizement.

  7. Adhere Cavince: China amplifies environmental protection in overseas projects

    China’s public image abroad has a huge influence in the execution of its foreign policy.

    Nairobi Expressway
  8. Adhere Cavince: China-EU partnership can speed Africa's development

    China and the EU are strong sources of vaccines that could help reduce the debilitating impacts of Covid-19 on the continent.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping.
  9. Adhere Cavince: Chinese link bears fruit as Kenyans return with skills

    Human capacity building cooperation between China and Kenya should continue unimpeded.

    Fan Gang
  10. Cavince Adhere: How US-China conflict over Xinjiang risk Africa’s energy future

    The US accuses China of deploying forced labour in Xinjiang.

    Solar panels

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