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  1. Only 48pc of Africans have access to proper healthcare, shows report

    Only 48 per cent, approximately 615 million people, in Africa receive the health care they need. This is according to a report by the independent Africa Health Agenda International Conference...

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  2. Surgical risk for tobacco smokers

    Study links this to nicotine and carbon monoxide

  3. Concern over double burden of obesity and under nutrition

    Over a third of low and middle income countries have overlapping forms of malnutrition

  4. Child deaths: Large households blamed

    Key factors leading to high child mortality rates include air pollution, unclean water, poor sanitation, large household sizes and environmental degradation

  5. Engineered virus can destroy cancer: study

    Researchers have engineered a virus that selectively targets and kills cancer cells.

  6. First pregnancy after robot-assisted womb transplant

    Thirteen babies have been born from transplanted uteri.

  7. Gene silencing can prevent deadly pre-eclampsia

    The only treatment for severe pre-eclampsia is to deliver the baby.

  8. Most children die of preventable causes

    Somalia has the highest under five mortality rate while Iceland and Slovenia have the lowest.

  9. Caesarean sections have almost doubled since 2000

    South Asia had the most rapid increase in such births, at a rate of six per cent per year.

  10. Breath of death

    Polluted air has long been associated with breathing difficulties and respiratory ailments.

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