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  1. We are a generation riddled in debt, who will save us?

    We're not yet at the Squid Game level, where elimination is through death but some people are running on that Hamster wheel

  2. It's okay if you haven't figured what you want to do in life

    Here's a little secret, very few really know what they're doing—especially in their 20s

  3. Did the social media outage have you on edge? You need to unplug

    This week many of us took a forced social break, but maybe it's something we should adopt

  4. How to get the pay you want at that job interview

    Always negotiate from the top of the range because employers will always aim to pay less

  5. Women cheat too, but they are better at hiding it

    This Twitter thread revealed that women may be harder to detect when they go astray

  6. How far are you willing to go for love?

    You can tell a lot about someone from the lengths he or she would go to get lucky

  7. How to get dumped like a champ

    Ouch, a break-up really hurts as a man, but you need to move on

  8. Your parents were wrong, money really does grow on trees

    We learnt this past weekend that we have been competing with people who don't have to sweat much for their money, and all they need is some connections and protection

  9. Let's get naked

    Without self-analysis, your body changes from a space you inhabit to a prison that you can't break out of

  10. About men and their attraction to the much younger women

    Despite the odds, why do older men go for girls in their early 20s


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