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  1. Terrence the Creative: Yours was a terrible, uncreative joke

    Any skit about taking advantage of someone, in any situation where the power dynamic is skewed, especially when the consent is violently taken away from one party – is just NOT on.

  2. T5 interview with BlvckMoon

    BlvckMoon is a Kenyan mechatronic engineer turned singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and DJ. She is a self-taught artist who seeks to elevate the heart, mind, and soul through music.

  3. Shame on all the vile boyfriends who bred stoicism among women

    A woman who lends her six-month-old boyfriend money either hasn’t been stolen from, or she hasn’t been stolen from yet.

  4. Abigail Arunga: Terence, the creative crossing a line

    Terence is no stranger to controversy.

    Terence Creative
  5. T5 interview with SGR driver Wendy Kathambi

    To become a passenger locomotive driver, you will be required to have either a degree or diploma in electrical or mechanical engineering, or prior experience in train operation.

  6. If this is how women are treated in police cells, then ours is a truly broken society

    Abigail was temporarily held at a police station last weekend, and she shares that it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

  7. T5 interview with Olivia Ambani

    Olivia is a singer, songwriter, and marketing consultant. She released her debut album, The Awakening, in April 2020, featuring 14 songs. She is also a consultant who shares marketing tips and...

  8. Your man is what is going to make your man slip up

    Do you really want to be in a relationship with a pet? By pet I mean you’re keeping someone on a leash, checking what they do, who they see, where they go, what they eat.

  9. T5 interview with Ywaya Xavier

    He is an acclaimed film and stage actor, and is a Sanaa Theatre Award winner, as well as an AMAA nominee for his role in the Netflix movie 40 Sticks. He is also a commercial model and a fitness...

  10. Why you should treat relationships the same way you would a get-rich money scam

    You can’t put everything in one basket, unless one particular basket has proven to have long term productivity and profit


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