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  1. Hi you, Miss Vee requires your attention now

    This is particularly important for me – just because I am getting to those ages where the body starts questioning everything you do.

  2. T5 interview with Brown Suga

    Vallerie Muthoni is a versatile artist who samples hip-hop, trap, RnB, soul and afrobeats on her two Eps: The Wavey Soul (2018) and Pisces SZN (2019).

  3. Why Christmas means work for me and to so many other women

    I’m not against the whole end year sigh of relief. I just wish it was less stressful and tiring for females

  4. T5 interview with Samuel Sichangi

    Samuel Sichangi is a producer, songwriter, rapper, singer and engineer, all of which he exhibits in his new album, Soundtrack To A Heartbreak.

  5. It’s never too late to redefine yourself

    The end of the year often brings far too much self-flagellation in the form of what we should and should not have done, but you still have time

  6. T5 Interview with Barbara

    Barbara Nyambura is an actress, comedian and content creator. She has been involved in a number of local stage productions, and is an extra in the TV series Monica and a journalist in Kina.

  7. When it comes to GBV we all need to be accountable

    To eradicate gender based violence, our culture, and patchy systems, must have a social and structural reckoning

  8. T5 interview with filmmaker Sam Soko

    Sam Soko is a documentary filmmaker based in Nairobi. His first feature documentary, Softie, a story about balancing love of country with family demands, premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film...

  9. Why it pays for women to be their sisters’ keeper

    The workplace is so skewed out of our direction, that every time I have a woman as a supervisor, and she does me dirty, it really surprises me

  10. Abigail Arunga: Time for men to speak up against gender-based violence

    If our words are not changing how men think, maybe it's time for men to speak up.

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