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  1. Keep counting the small wins

    With the pandemic taking a toll on all of us, I have been reflecting, and feeling that there’s a chance I’m living life far too small

  2. T5 interview with Queen Arrow

    Sylvia "QueenArrow" Gathoni is a professional Tekken player and content creator currently signed to UYU. She is currently a final year law student at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

  3. The curious case of vaccine and intimacy

    What will sex look like in a post-Covid era? Will everyone have to get tested and wait for 12 hours? Will it be just like HIV, where we’re going to the VCT clinic together as a romantic gesture?

  4. Abigail Arunga: Foreign museums must return Kenyan artifacts

    The listing of these artefacts feels like a first step. To what, though, I’m not sure.

    Koitalel Arap Samoei kenyan artifacts
  5. T5 Interview with Amandeep Jagde

    A Master’s degree holder in architecture, a chess enthusiast and a flat-earther...are some of the things he is not. Amandeep Jagde is a radio presenter and he sometimes performs stand-up comedy.

  6. It’s time for men to rise up against the rape culture

    As fathers, brothers, husbands and public advocates, men should speak out against sexual violence as well as destructive stereotypes

  7. T5 Interview with Alex Kirimi

    Alex Kirimi is an award-winning international model whose goal is to positively impact the local fashion industry.

  8. Dissing other women on social media is crass and disrespectful to your partner

    I was so shocked when these men on Twitter and Facebook were very loudly proclaiming that their wives were…well, extremely unsavoury things

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  9. T5 interview with Polaris

    Pauline Ayuko, aka Polaris, is a Kenyan singer/songwriter and afro-pop artist. In 2013, she formed the pop girl-band KIU, and later became one half of the pop R&B and Rap duo Likkle Pantheon.

  10. The Dish: Pablo’s new menu

    The beef was really tough, which I really didn’t like, because I was expecting it to be, well, more edible?

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