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  1. Sex education should be mandatory to all. Here’s why

    The journey of sexual knowledge – liberation, if you will - is fraught with such mystery, it almost seems like we’re being hypocritical as a society

  2. T5 interview with Michael "Smallz" Munyoki

    Michael Munyoki has worked on projects such as Groove Theory, Waliobaki, Chini ya Mnazi, Trap House, Maempress, Sue na Johnny, Varshita, Njoro wa Uba, Auntie Boss and Crime and Justice.

  3. T5 interview with Mumbi Maina

    Mumbi Maina is best known for her role as Zakia in Netflix's sci-fi show Sense8, and her upcoming role in the fourth Matrix installment, the Matrx Ressurections.

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  4. Women in politics are just that, politicians

    The only place where patriarchy and feminism are achieving parallel gains is in parliament

  5. T5 interview with Toni Kamau

    She is an Emmy, PGA and Peabody nominated producer and founder of We are not the machine, a production company that highlights stories of outsiders, rebels and changemakers.

  6. Her Take: Maybe you should talk to someone

    We assume that everyone has tools or friends to help them sort through their life issues

  7. Dear Kenyan men: Ghosting is not normal, it’s ballistic

    Basic respect – which Nairobi dating is truly lacking, would kind of dictate that some form of less cowardly communication is required

  8. T5 interview with Lucian Basil Ouma

    Lucian Basil Ouma, better known as LB, is a hip-hop artist, song writer and video director. At 25, he has just completed his Master’s degree in economic development at UCT.

  9. Arunga: All churches should throw politicians out of the pulpit

    In this day and age, the church really is just beginning to look like a marketplace for fools.

    ODM party leader Raila Odinga
  10. There's a weirdness factor at play when you date an ex's relatives

    Now, I know there’s the guy code, and there’s the girl code, but what about personal coding?

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