1. Macharia Gaitho: We’ll be victorious; we have Faith

    Hackneyed policies being pushed down our throats herald no hope of economic revival.

    Faith Kipyegon
  2. Kaltum Guyo: Housing levy smells fishy; drop it

    The housing plan is proving a hard sell, but intimidation won't help.

    affordable houssing nakuru
  3. Sam Wambugu: Making government Wi-Fi hotspots work

    The government plans to set up 25,000 public Wi-Fi spots. This will help people in rural areas get connected and enjoy the benefits of the digital world.

    Eliud Owalo
  4. Irungu Kang'ata: A case for a trade deregulation agenda

    Parliament needs to initiate a serious ‘economic deregulation’ agenda. This will remove or reduce trade restrictions and improve business operations.

    Members of Parliament take the oath of office at the National Assembly
  5. Gerry Loughran: Brave new supercomputers... our servant or master?

    There are real concerns as to the extent to which computers could replace workers.

    Artificial Intelligence
  6. Peter Kagwanja: Kenya needs strategic mindset to engage ‘global Somalia’

    Kenya needs broad-based cooperation against Al-Shabaab and safeguard its national integrity and sovereignty.

    President William Ruto welcomes Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
  7. Tom Mshindi: Bizarre case of a university ‘at war’ with its hospital

    By denying the students and faculty access to the learning facilities, the hospital is denying itself relatively inexpensive but high-quality medical expertise.

    President William Ruto
  8. Sunny Bindra: Try something unique and special, this sea of sameness is stifling us

    If you’re the leader of difference, you’d better be the one who embraces the diversity of thought and encourages debate and dissent.

    Thinking man
  9. Gitau Warigi: Is the Chinese currency a viable global alternative to the US dollar?

    The dollar’s status as the world’s Number One currency has steadily eroded over the decades.

    China's President Xi Jinping
  10. Makau Mutua: The power of a woman

    Any man who has been in the presence of childbirth can attest to the power of a woman.

    pregnacy,reproductive health, maternal morbidity


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