Words that get you thinking.
  1. Tom Mshindi: Use local content to grow industry

    Kenya’s lack of unique manufacturing and industrialisation advantages is also a significant drawback.

  2. Makau Mutua: Why the Rift Valley may reject Ruto

    The undisputed “king” of the Kalenjin Nation may be in for a rude shock between now and August 9.

    William Ruto
  3. Peter Kagwanja: Ganja and hustler epic scramble for the bottom

    Ruto and Wajackoyah are locked in an epic battle for the soul of the struggling masses in the nation.

    Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah
  4. Gitau Warigi: Rigathi Gachagua and the mind of an unreconstructed ‘nanny’ state

    Gachagua has become daily fodder for Azimio foot soldiers due to his thoughtless utterances.

    Rigathi Gachagua
  5. Irungu Kang’ata: Could Wajackoyah’s candidature be Raila’s secret card?

    Wajackoyah has been quoted as endorsing Raila; since when did political competitors endorse each other?

    George Wajackoyah
  6. Munyori Buku: Kenya Kwanza sits prettier as Azimio’s fortresses crumble

    DP Ruto’s manifesto focused on the many concrete issues that have held Kenya and Kenyans back.

    William Ruto
  7. Scheaffer Okore: Cost of living must feature in all campaigns

    All aspiring leaders should prove that they have the people’s best interests at the core of their agendas.

    Mwangi Wa Iria
  8. Otieno Otieno: On the manifesto, Ruto’s reputation precedes him

    The DP's manifesto is still bound to be subjected to a sharper scrutiny in the coming days.

  9. Gerry Loughran: Racism where you would least expect it... among the healers

    In the UK, black and Asian doctors have faced alarming levels of unfair treatment.

    Stressed medic
  10. Sunny Bindra: What work matters most to you and you are willing to suffer for?

    What work matters most to you, even though it is sometimes tedious, sometimes repetitive, sometimes unrewarding?

    Stressed woman


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