Europe helped create the immigration crisis – they should also be part of the solution

What you need to know:

  • As France celebrated its well-deserved victory in the World Cup, two wonderful fourth-year law students, Maria Angela Maina and Cynthia Mutheu, brought to my attention the Kurdi-Mbappé dilemma. They called it the “tough dilemma on the role of immigrants and race in national development”.
  • Elections in many developed countries have been lost and won based on the intensity of racial speech. In the United States, President Trump was carried to victory on the back of strong anti-immigration sentiment, becoming more and more popular when he threatened to ‘build a wall’ across the Mexico-United States border.
  • The fact that the French national football team is made up of 17 immigrants or children of immigrants (representing 74 percent of its force), with 14 of them being of African descent, makes France (statistically) the most successful African team in the World Cup.
  • Refugees may come by sea or land because they have no other choice. And, as human beings, we have a duty to help them. Today’s immigrants will be tomorrow’s sports, political or economic heroes and heroines.

Are the lives of Alan Kurdi and Kylian Mbappé connected? Could Kurdi have become Mbappé? Or could Mbappé have ended up drowning in the sea like Kurdi? Would France have won the 2018 World Cup if all immigrant stories had ended like Kurdi’s?


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