Words that get you thinking.
  1. Emmanuel Manyasa: First open letter to the fifth president of Kenya

    This is the first of four open letters I intend to write to you before you take your oath of office.

    Grade 4 CBC exams
  2. Joseph Mwongela: Kenyans must scrutinise party manifestos carefully

    A manifesto is a written declaration, a commitment to people that a party shall fulfill what they promise.

    George Wajackoyah
  3. Robert Shaw: Stop the false promises and confront real issues

    Promises like bringing down food and fuel prices in short order are false and tantamount to lies.

    Campaign posters
  4. Nderi Ndiani: Thanks to Karua, Raila is on his way to the peak of the Mountain

    The Raila-Karua ticket epitomises hope at a time when the nation is gripped with hopelessness.

    Raila Odinga and Martha Karua
  5. Comba wa Ndau: Unga politics shows how soulless politicians seeking power can get

    The current economic reality has made the staple unaffordable to many.

    Maize flour
  6. Silas Mwirigi: Create time to bond with your teenage child this school holiday

    Parents should learn to first understand their teenage children and their philosophies in life.

  7. Eva Ng’inja-Croft: Let next President pursue treaty on gender violence

    The next President of Kenya has the opportunity to lead the change to end the violence.

  8. Eric Wamanji: Europe should stop games and return artifacts

    Europe did not just colonise Africa; it spilt blood, looted labour and natural resources.

    Patrice Lumumba
  9. Elphas Makokha: Keep Form Fours occupied

    There is a need for a programme to keep this lot engaged until they join college or university.

    Daraja Academy
  10. Evelyne Opondo: Perspectives from Africa on fall of Roe v Wade pro-choice judgment

    Abortion stigma is often perpetuated by the state through discriminatory laws and policies and judicial stereotyping.

    Abortion rights supporters march in Los Angeles, California


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