Words that get you thinking.
  1. Moragwa Omare: Shall we return the counties to their parent?

    Almost eight years after their inception, the county governments are yet to stand on their own.

  2. Brian Gicheru Kinyua: Let’s seek sustainability of shipping, maritime affairs

    Shipping has also been affected by technological disruption.

  3. Jeffrey K. Kosgei: Fast-track new youth policy

    NYC now has the opportunity to prove its mettle.

  4. Suhayl Omar: MPs failed to activate gender rule, must go

    The erasure and disregard of women within the political realm isn’t unique to the legislature.

  5. Joseph Nyagah: Ensure Kenya gets the best deal in proposed free trade agreement

    The US is opposed to taxes on data that will come into effect in Kenya in January.

  6. Rashid Adankhalif: Let the President heed Maraga call, break Parliament

    Just recently, the National Assembly once again rejected the “Gender Bill”.

  7. Jeldah Nyamache: Time to be responsible

    The anticipated full reopening of the country should not be interpreted as a return to business as usual.

  8. Wilson Sossion: What the post-pandemic school is likely to look like

    WHO and Unicef insist that schools should only be reopened when it is safe for students.

  9. Charles Onyango: Reverse GMO ban to attain food security

    Kenya banned GM products in 2012 on the basis of a later-debunked paper by a French scientist.

  10. Yossi Abadi: Time for food independence in Africa is now

    A strong agricultural sector should be the foundation of a healthy economy