Emerging narrative about Western sabotage is merely Jubilee propaganda

What you need to know:

  • The crazy thing is that this absolute balderdash is not only being lapped-up by the unquestioning party faithful, it is also gaining currency in fairly respectable circles.

The travel advisories issued by the US, British, French, Canadian and Australian governments discouraging their citizens from visiting Kenya was obviously a coordinated manoeuvre aimed at crippling our tourism industry.

It was all part of the sustained economic sabotage by Western powers in fulfillment of the ‘choices have consequences’ warnings ahead of the General Elections.

Kenyans ignored the threats and voted for President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto, though the two leaders were facing indictment by the International Criminal Court.

The ICC prosecutions were obviously part of the Western game-plan to deny leadership to the nationalist son of Kenya’s first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, who had brought down the mighty British Empire with the Mau Mau insurgency.

The Western powers did not want another Kenyatta in power who would challenge their neo-imperialist designs, and would do anything to ensure the election went to his main rival, Raila Odinga.

The economic sabotage now being visited on Kenya is all part of the regime-change agenda directed from London and Washington aimed at toppling the elected leadership and replacing it with puppets and lackeys.

The travel warning were just one element of a coordinated assault that intends to make Kenya insecure and ungovernable.

If the Western powers had the advance knowledge to pull tourists out of Kenya just before the attack at Gikomba market, then they must have been the ones behind the explosions.

It probably is no coincidence that Cord leader, Mr Odinga, has been on a long and largely unexplained sojourn in the US, obviously getting instructions from his masters on the next phase of the plot to overthrow the government.

Cord has come out of slumber to launch a series of public rallies ahead of Mr Odinga’s return, seeking to exploit the state of insecurity and the Anglo-Leasing payments in furtherance of the plot against the government.

Many have conveniently forgotten that the Anglo-Leasing scandal was not created by the Uhuru-Ruto regime, but inherited from an administration which Mr Odinga served as Prime Minister.

The Western plots against the popular government include engineering last week’s demonstrations by university students, which were then given suspiciously prominent front-page picture and story treatment by major Western newspapers and TV stations.

That is the extent to which the West will go in its nefarious plots against Kenya, given added impetus by alarm over the wildly successful State visit by Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, who lavished goodies on Kenya.

If the Western bloc, used to having Kenya as a lapdog, has been uncomfortable with the Kenyan leadership, the Chinese visit demonstrated that the ‘look east’ policy is moving ahead at full-steam and bringing great dividends, therefore the state of urgency fuelling the regime-change plan.

This is the asinine narrative spun by the Jubilee propaganda mill. The crazy thing is that this absolute balderdash is not only being lapped-up by the unquestioning party faithful, it is also gaining currency in fairly respectable circles.

It is making its way from rabble-rousing blogs into the mainstream media, and it seems part of a grand scheme to mobilise the faithful against imagined external enemies.

We have seen, for instance, pro-Jubilee demonstrations in Nakuru where the cardinal message was that any Cord rallies in the county would be violently countered.

We have seen the Jubilee social media machine used to incite the faithful into a frenzy against local and foreign enemies, complete with threats of violence against Western interests in Kenya as well groups seen to be anti-government.

Ultimately, the message being sent out is that the threats Kenya faces, most notably the runaway insecurity and an economy headed south, are actually caused by the opposition and Western powers.

Across parts of central Kenya and the Rift Valley, the Jubilee strongholds, ignorant villagers are being primed to believe that all those bombings blamed on Al-Shabaab are actually part of the same plot to shake the Uhuru-Ruto regime. This is scary stuff.


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