1. Experiencing Indonesian cuisine in Nairobi

    Indonesia Nairobi Expo, the IndoNEX 2023

  2. Tracing how our ancestors lived in Nakuru Hyrax Hill

    By the 13th century, the Sirikwa people (spread all the way up to western and central Kenya) practised cereal cultivation and pastoralism. A museum with artefacts collected on-site and galleries...

  3. How to save your precious fuel

    Most cars will travel furthest on a litre of fuel if they are driven at a steady speed of about 60kph in top gear.

  4. How Kenyans received King Charles’ coronation

    The event had ceremonies that go back many centuries, but it also involved people of different faiths playing special roles.

    Emma Forbes, owner of Under the Swahili Tree restaurant in Karen
  5. VOILA! VOI – the One-Day Tourist

    If you have neither the resources, either in time or at the ATM for a protracted holiday, Voi is your ideal destination

  6. Amazing service and juicy burgers at Mode Café, Kilimani

    Mode Café, Almas Tower Kirichwa Road, Kilimani

  7. Motor Clinic: Here’s how to iron out corrugations

    At the right speed, there should be little or no discomfort and minimal up-and-down for either the suspension or the vehicle’s occupants – just a thrum.

    Corrugated road
  8. Return to Elsa’s Kopje

    With binoculars, we were able to spot dozens of reticulated giraffe, Common zebra, buffalos and the odd elephant bull from above.

    Elewana Elsa’s Kopje lodge
  9. The surprise that is Red Ginger eatery in Parklands

    Red Ginger restaurant in Parklands

  10. Top things to do in Watamu in 48 hours

    Whether it's a family holiday, a romantic getaway or a wild coastal adventure, you'll never forget the great wonders of Watamu

  11. Motor Clinic: The dark side of tinting windows

    Anything which allows concealment of your presence is a breach of security.

    Tinted windows
  12. Meet the Kenyan woman teaching in Thailand while running multiple businesses

    Mary Ng’endo Njuguna left Kenya for Thailand to work as an English teacher. Today, she runs an M-Pesa and loan business besides promoting Thai and Kenyan trade exchanges

  13. Loisaba camp with a view of Mt Kenya

    The view is staggering, down to a plain a thousand feet below and, in the far distance, there is Mount Kenya.

    Mount Kenya
  14. Looking for a private romantic gateway near Nairobi? Visit Olurur House

    Located at Champagne Ridge, Kona Baridi, Olurur House is a cosy getaway, where pets are also allowed

  15. A quick lunch at Daily Café & Bistro, Hurlingham

    Daily Café and Bistro, The Nairobi Hospital's Doctors' Plaza

  16. Going too slow causing more accidents than speeding...

    Traffic laws should be enforced in a manner that enhances road safety.

  17. The amazing history of Nairobi’s City Park

    The 102-year old park and the Murumbi Memorial Park are free entry

  18. Hybrid hospitality at Dusit Princess Hotel Residence

    Dusit Princess Hotel Residences, Mimosa Lane, Westlands

  19. To Nanyuki and breakfast at Barney’s

    Barney’s has its own attractions. It is a relaxed place and ideal for winding down after a few hours of driving. The food is good too. The menu is well varied.

    Barney’s Bar and Restaurant
  20. What can I do to give my old but faithful Toyota Prado a new lease of life?

    If your car is used moderately and serviced diligently, it might continue to go well for many more years as this ageing process continues.

  21. I need a mechanic that can bring my Mercedes back to life

    A mechanic messed up my Mercedes and I'm reluctant to give it to another mechanic.



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