LIT 360: "Uliza Kiatu" was our big break: Band

Hart_the band entertain participants during stop the bleeding campaign to end illicit financial flows from Africa held at Uhuru Park on June 25, 2015. PHOTO| JEFF ANGOTE| FILE

What you need to know:

Wachira and Kenneth were actors in setbook plays before they changed careers.

The three group members of H_art the Band never knew that one day they would be a hit.

Wachira Gatama, Kenneth Muya and Mordecai Mwini said they were not prepared for how their first song Uliza Kiatu was received, becoming an instant hit.

Speaking on the Lit360 show that airs on NTV every Thursday at 10pm and the repeat on Sunday at 10pm, the group said their lives turned around.

“We just woke up one morning and our song was playing on the radio. We did not know what came with being famous. Here we were, three hustlers whom nobody had given notice, then everything changed,” said Wachira.

Wachira and Kenneth were actors in set book plays before they changed careers.

After the success of Uliza Kiatu they recorded another hit titled "Nikikutazama."

"There's no secret to our success. We believe that we the mirror the society and we write songs on the experiences we or others are going through. I guess maybe that is why people relate to our music," they said.

Despite the challenges that come with being in a band and having different personalities, they said there is no turning back.

"We are brothers before anything else," said Wachira.