PLAIN TRUTH: English is not a measure of intelligence

Go on and embrace the language you feel comfortable expressing yourself in, for it is the quality of thought that matters. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP

What you need to know:

  • So what if that woman speaks English slowly? So what if she prefers to express herself in Swahili? Who are you to say that she is unintelligent?
  • Let your children learn their mother tongue. Let them explore the different cultures around them, not just the Western culture.
  • Learning these things will not get in the way of civilisation. If anything, it is by understanding the different cultures and why different people do the things they do that we are better able to relate with them.

It’s that time again for Kenyans. That time when the spotlight is trained on the men and women who are seeking elective positions come August. We have millions watching television interviews keenly seeking to know not just the issues being discussed but also, just how are they being articulated


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