A look at the body shaming culture

Francisca Nyamu is the CEO and founder of Plus Fabulosity, a plus-size fashion and lifestyle hub. She no longer struggles with insecurities. She loves herself and appreciates that when it comes to body shamers, she is not the one with the problem. They are. PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • Why do women often tear each other down over their body shapes and sizes, even when some of these are things we can’t change?
  • Nairobi-based counselling psychologist Ken Munyua points at culture and socialisation as having significantly contributed to body shaming. “Women are brought up to be body conscious and so society constantly keeps an eye on them to look a certain way.”
  • What behaviour are adults modelling? Let’s take a look at social media, where celebrities often fall victim to body shaming, as well as women in hair, beauty and make-up Facebook groups.

Francisca Nyamu has always been a curvy girl. Because of this, comments about her body were always forthcoming. However, an episode in high school conducted by those she considered her best friends was particularly cruel.


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