I searched far and wide for  perfect peace, and I found it inside a Hare Krishna temple

Jayne Adhiambo Opondo at the Nation Centre on May 15, 2015. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE

What you need to know:

  • My journey began before I even knew I was on a journey. I was born in 1993 to a Christian couple. My mother was a strong Anglican, and the church is where I would spend much of my childhood Sundays.
  • I believe in karma and reincarnation. Krishna Consciousness talks a lot about Karma. We are here, and our current lives are the results of the good or bad deeds that we have done in our previous lives. I discovered that a lot of the philosophy I had in my life was in this religion, and it was so amazing. Later, I found out that Krishna was an incarnation of Buddha!

"My all-attractive God is an alien thing to the African mind, but I believe He is the most beautiful, the richest, most wise, and strongest; and we, his children, crave for these superlative things.

"Without Him, we try to make ourselves gods, we try to compete and be the best at these things. We try to be the most beautiful, wise, strong… just like Him. And we are always disappointed. We can never attain this state of perfection and transcendence. We can never be God, because he is a supreme being and we are not."


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