Why you should allow your child to play video games

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What you need to know:

  • Social connections are also fostered through playing video games.
  • Video games also have a career pathway in esports.

Play is a critical aspect of a child’s life. It is how they learn and grow, forming the foundation of their social interaction.

As adults, our role is to guide our children into meaningful play. However, our attempt to do this may turn negative when we fail to understand our children’s skills, abilities, interests and the times we live in.

Video gaming is one prominent feature of kids and teens play that has not always been welcomed. In this digital age, our children have greater access to video games than any generation before them. Isn’t it wise that we seek to understand more about the benefits of video gaming?

First is brain exercise. Hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, concentration levels are some skills that are improved by playing video games which in turn develops the child’s cognitive abilities.

Secondly, video gaming imparts transferable skills like teamwork, communication, problem solving skills and strategic thinking. One plays with others in games that make them work together just like we do in other team sports like football, basketball, hockey etc.

Social connections are also fostered through playing video games. From their digital playground, kids get to make friends, creating and sharing great memories together.

Furthermore, video games develop digital literacy. Kids who play games are attracted to learning the science behind the games which leads them towards the path of succeeding in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) which is the future.

Video games also have a career pathway in esports. Just like in other sports, your child could become a pro-gamer, coach, producer and many other roles in the esports industry.

Listing these benefits is not to say that there is no downside to video gaming. We have challenges like gaming addiction and a sedentary lifestyle.

If anything, that is precisely why you should allow your kid to play video games.

Embracing video gaming in a disciplined and guided environment with adult supervision is a more effective strategy than fighting our children's natural excitement for playing video games. Children as we know, will always find their ways of accessing and playing the video games, so why not guide them in doing it safely?

For a start, video gaming doesn’t have to be the only activity your child takes part in. Encourage them to balance it with physical play like sports, dance and the arts.

Then build on that to encourage them to mind the duration they spend on the screens playing the games.

Make it sort of a challenge, where you allow them to play as long as they complete their academic tasks on time, observe their hygiene, adhere to your gaming duration rules and also complement it with other physical activities.

Such reward systems are a win-win situations. Your children get to enjoy their video games while you also get to prevent them from falling victim to the negative side of video gaming, building a happy home.

From today, please allow your child to play video games.

Ronny Lusigi is the CEO, IndexG Esports