Hidden hand in Sudan junta’s about-turn on power sharing

What you need to know:

  • Don’t underrate Saudi Arabia’s and UAE’s destructive influence in the Arab world.

  • They hold sway with Donald Trump, who swoons over their limitless petrodollars.

  • He has allowed them to continue prosecuting a genocidal war in Yemen against Shia rebels who are backed by Iran.
  • It helps hugely that Trump, prompted by Israel, doesn’t like Iran either.

The standoff between the Sudanese military and civilian protesters climaxed last Monday morning in deadly shootings. Some say 30 unarmed civilians were left dead. Others put the casualty figure at 60, even higher. Nobody knows for sure. The only certain fact is that the weeks-long sit-in the protesters had staged outside the Army headquarters in Khartoum had ended in a massacre.


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