Ensure newsrooms are free of sex pests

Most victims of sexual harassment are women, many of whom choose to leave the profession of journalism to pursue other careers after their plight goes unaddressed by organisational leadership. PHOTO | FILE

What you need to know:

  • Most respondents to a study on sexual harassment in the media in Kenya stated that they have been harassed by a colleague at work.
  • The Kenya Employment Act 2007 directs employers with “20 or more employees” to develop sexual harassment policies in consultation with their staff.
  • MCK acts on behalf of journalists facing physical threats by providing various resources, including legal aid.

I carry a small bag of pebbles and keep them close by so that when I sense that a colleague is about to sexually harass me, I let the bag loose on the floor and draw attention to my desk.” This is a defence strategy used by Joyce Kimani, the secretary-general of Kenya Correspondents Association (KCA), to keep herself somewhat safe from harassment at work.


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