It’s time to elect bees and forget locusts

Senegalese children run as locusts spread in the capital Dakar September 1, 2004. PHOTO | REUTERS

What you need to know:

  • Locusts have, from time to time, devastated parts of Africa so that the fight against them has become an international affair — rather like the fight against terrorism.
  • A locust can eat its weight in plants each day. I wonder how much a corrupt leader can “eat” in a day? A month? Five years? The appetite to “eat” seems to increase in quantum leaps. What a disease! The more one eats, the hungrier one gets.
  • If you are a leader who is working as hard as a worker bee, you will want to give way to the younger generation.

What do locusts and bees have to do with leadership? Rather a lot, it turns out.


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