From Nairobi to Strasbourg: What future leaders are learning on overseas academic trips

What you need to know:

  • A group of 65 law students are on the 2018 academic trip. This year’s edition includes visits to The Hague, Cologne, Bonn, Strasbourg, Zurich and Dubai.
  • At Strathmore Law School, we have asked ourselves many a times, “Why do we make these trips to Europe and not within Africa?” Aren’t we encouraging neo-colonialism or brain-drain? The answer is simpler than it seems. The students do not pay extra for the trip, which is factored within the four-year fees and Europe is cheaper than Africa.
  • These future leaders’ insights and resolutions make the whole effort worth it. A new generation of leaders is breeding. They are all over East Africa. Young minds who are thinking outside the box.

Andrew Ojowi, Natasha Muhoza, Aliasgar Dar, Maria Angela Maina and Bavo Bennett represent five different and interconnected worlds. They have little in common, perhaps only one thing — they are all brilliant law students.


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