Words that get you thinking.
  1. Adhere Cavince: Need to up counter-terrorism ante despite strides since Westgate siege

    The State should seal all the loopholes that make it possible for terrorists to continue having a footprint in the country.

    Westgate shopping mall
  2. Muthoni Ngunjiri: Eight years later, Kenya is on right path of anti-terror war

    Terrorists may kill and maim but they shouldn’t undermine our way of life or the things we stand for.

    Elite unit
  3. Wycliffe Osabwa: NHIF should do more to curb fraudulent acts

    Whereas biometric identification of beneficiaries will minimise instances of impersonation, NHIF need do more.

  4. Constant Wamayuyi: With dearer fuel, brace for high inflation

    The announcement of the all-time high pump prices ever in the country was also the first increment in diesel and kerosene prices in six months.

    Fuel pump
  5. Emmanuel Rono: Case for Education Fund

    Why not make the fund the first charge in our budget and not repayment of Chinese debts?

    Kakamega Primary School
  6. Oscar Lusiola: Why Kenyan pullout from Somalia needs deep rethink

    There has been talk about a planned withdrawal of Kenyan troops from Somalia.

  7. How to save Covid patients on oxygen

    First, most patients suffer lung failure and, secondly, oxygen gas is expensive

    Covid-19 South Africa
  8. Richard Soi: Ban on politics in church is a big dilemma

    To most Kenyan churches, politicians are a bait for their financial support in this era of self-reliance.

    William Ruto
  9. Raphael Tuju: Moving beyond panic, irrationality during Covid-19

    In the face of fatal pandemics, human reaction has followed a peculiar pattern defined by a toxic mix of panic, fear and denial.

    Donald Trump
  10. Grace Njoroge: Act now to build resilient food systems

    Recently, the Kenya Revenue Authority indicated that Kenya imported food worth Sh103.34 billion between January and June this year



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