They seek to reap where they never sowed

What you need to know:

  • Although France is far richer than Kenya, Kenya can afford to pay each MP twice as much as France pays its own. That is the difference in mentality between development and underdevelopment
  • It is morally and intellectually agonising that a penurious country like Kenya fritters away all its hard-earned and extremely meagre income into the maws of human grubs, maggots, chrysalises and piranhas – an exceedingly voracious species which, however, has never produced even a single commodity or idea
  • Why is Europe perennially willing to dish out what it cynically calls “development assistance”? Surely, there must be a catch in it

In absolute terms, France is twice as populous as Kenya. Even relatively – in terms of the number of people in a square kilometre – France is twice Kenya’s size.


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