Jubilee, like Moi regime, scores a zero

A Nyayo bus. Like many of his hair-brained nyayo branded initiatives, the Nyayo Bus Corporation collapsed. FILE PHOTO |

What you need to know:

  • Jomo Kenyatta’s regime was corrupt, illiberal and competent. Moi’s was corrupt, illiberal and mediocre. Kibaki’s was corrupt, liberal and competent. So, Moi scores zero out of three. Jomo scores one out of three. Kibaki scores two out of three. Now it adds up!
  • Corruption being a constant across the regimes, it seems to me insufficient to explain why Jubilee’s stock has fallen so rapidly and why people like my friend seem persuaded that the country may not survive its corruption.
  • Moi sustained his mediocracy for 24 years by stoking the dislike, fear and envy of Kikuyus (horses must be reined for the donkeys to catch up) and propagating the myth of Kenya as an island of peace in the midst of chaos (apres moi la deluge).

Uhuru and Ruto are Moi’s protégés. Not only do they seem to have internalised the politics of mediocrity practised in Moi’s Kanu but they also missed out on the education and socialisation in liberal politics that the Narc coalition politicians went through in their 15 years in opposition, writes DAVID NDII.


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