Words that get you thinking.
  1. Kaltum Guyo: Lamu operation hurting tourism

    Lamu county has been turned into the epicentre of the anti-terrorism war without a convincing reason.

    Lamu Officers Attack
  2. Sunny Bindra: Thinking like a strategist about potatoes and chips; the KFC case

    KFC choosing to buy your potatoes is where the prize lies. It means raising your game.

  3. Sam Wambugu: How to use Google search for best results

    Google is the world's “know it all”. If you have any questions, type them on the Google Search bar, and Google will spit out answers in seconds. Besides the basic ways most people use Google...

    Google Search
  4. Njambi Mungai: Open-mindedness prepares you to receive more in your line of work

    It’s the tasks that I did out of what was required of me that opened new doors.

    Njambi Mungai
  5. Gitau Warigi: Kalonzo, what next for Azimio and UDA?

    Chances are a large bloc of Ukambani will conclude he’s not going to win.

    Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka
  6. Makau Mutua: What I saw in Kisumu city

    Several world-class hotels now make Kisumu a hub for international meetings and tourism.

    Governor Anyang Nyong’o
  7. Tom Mshindi: It is corruption that buys governors jobs and security

    We have heard, for instance, of contractors that cannot be paid unless a governor personally authorises.

    Governors endorse Raila
  8. Scheaffer Okore: Curbing effects of irresponsible campaigning

    This creation of violent binaries has resulted in deaths, like that of baby Samantha Pendo.

    Ballot box
  9. Peter Kagwanja: Raila faces a classic ‘Simpatico trap’ in picking a running mate

    Analysts speak of Kenya’s number-two seat as ‘jinxed’, based on reviews of the past 10 holders of the coveted slot.

    ODM leader Raila Odinga
  10. Sekou Owino: Interesting civil cases on privacy and data protection in year 2021

    Meghan Markle sued and won a privacy claim against a newspaper.

    Meghan Markle


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