From Jomo to Uhuru: How Kenya lost the battle for security

What you need to know:

  • Where did the rain start beating us? It began when we adopted what I call development fundamentalism. This is the ideology that the raison d’etre of the state is material progress.
  • The rain beat us harder with the emergence of an incestuous unbelievably greedy oligarchy that straddles the civil service, business and politics. We went one further than other countries, legitimising civil servants active involvement in business.
  • This conflict of interest has created a high cost economy that generates supernormal profits for the corporate aristocracy at the expense of creating jobs and providing affordable goods and services.

Recently, Nigeria’s statisticians momentarily took Boko Haram off the headlines by reporting that Nigeria’s economy was 80 per cent larger than previously thought, eclipsing South Africa as the continent’s largest. Remarkably, nobody seemed to question what neglecting to rebase their GDP for twenty five years might say about Nigeria’s governance.


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