FOX News host angers Kenyans with lie about pregnant women and voting

Emily Compagno made the statement on “Outnumbered”, the show she co-hosts.

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FOX News TV host Emily Compagno has drawn harsh criticism from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) after claiming that pregnant women in Kenya are not allowed to vote.

Ms Compagno made the statement on “Outnumbered”, the show she co-hosts. Her argument was that American citizens should stop complaining about their limited voting rights because in other countries there are groups of people who do not have any voting rights.

“The insularity of these celebrities is so asinine … it’s so nauseating because these comments are totally delusional, that we have less voting rights here,” Ms Compagno said.

“What about in Kenya, where pregnant women can’t leave the house so they absolutely have no constructive right to vote, or in Oman, where women have to vote as their husbands do or risk death.”

In Kenya, pregnant women, people with disabilities and the elderly, besides having the right to vote, are usually moved to the front of the queue during voting.

Ms Compagno’s mistaken statement jolted KOT into action, and they asked the US lawyer to get her facts correct and apologise to Kenyans.

Below are some reactions from KOT.

“What is this? What is @EmilyCompagno saying? That in Kenya pregnant women can’t leave the house so they have no right to vote? What does she imagine our country is like? That statement is incorrect, misleading, condescending and should be withdrawn,” Pauline Njoroge tweeted.

“On Fox News says that pregnant women in Kenya can't leave the house & therefore lack the right to vote. What kind of garbage is this? Which Kenya? We even allow pregnant women & elderly citizens to skip the line to vote! She must apologize!” @BravinYuri stated.

“Which Kenya is Emily Compagno referring to on live TV? Kenyan pregnant women and the elderly are given the top priority at the polling stations, they don't even queue for heaven's sake! This woman MUST apologize to Kenyans,” @nyamwanda1 said.

“Who told these wazungus that in Kenya pregnant women aren't allowed to leave the house and that they can't vote? @FoxNews and @EmilyCompagno owe us an apology,” @KOT_loyals said.

“Was scrolling on twitter and realised @EmilyCompagno has said something about Kenya which is a waay huge lie. Have you been here during the elections to witness? We give priority to pregnant women, women with children and the elderly. Let’s talk facts, bana!” @KesiBaadae said.

“Which Kenya are you talking about? Have you ever been to Kenya? I imagine not, because the Kenya I live in, pregnant women get to vote first,” @mmbiyu said.


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