Raila: What I will do in 100 days

Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga delivering his speech.

Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga delivering his speech. 

Photo credit: Evans Habil | Nation Media Group

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga has promised to implement policies that will reduce the cost of living in his first 100 days in office.

Mr Odinga said he would review the cost of living with special focus on the pressure of fuel, flour, mobile data and energy.

In his manifesto dubbed Inawezekana Agenda, which was launched at a colourful ceremony in Nairobi yesterday, Mr Odinga promised to address 18 key pillars under three main programmes – economic revolution, social transformation and good governance.

In education, the Azimio presidential candidate who promised free education right from nursery to university, vowed to ensure that all unemployed but trained teachers will be employed in his first 100 days in office to improve the quality of education.

To address the challenges of poaching and trafficking to address the environmental issues, Mr Odinga proposed a life sentence as punishment for those guilty of poaching, trafficking in, and possession of ivory.

“We shall begin progressive investment in high level surveillance for national and wildlife parks, promote research and innovation aligned to the exploitation, utilisation, conservation and management of the environment and natural resources,” Mr Odinga says in his manifesto.

The manifesto comes as good news for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) service personnel, as Mr Odinga promised to improve their pay and terms of service in his 100 days in office.

He also gave an assurance of strict implementation of police reforms as envisaged in the Constitution, and establish a framework for rolling out the Virtual Police Station model.

“We shall assign at least six police officers in every police station who are trained and equipped to handle police-youth relations in order to restore the relationship between the officers and citizens to one of trust.

“As well as improve terms of service for KDF personnel and police force,” the Azimio flagbearer said.

To slay the dragon of corruption that has bedeviled the country, Mr Odinga proposed measures that will see members of the Azimio administration – appointed and elected – sign an anti-corruption charter within the first 100 days.

The charter, he noted, will require that the officials introduce and monitor standard anti-corruption initiatives in their sectors.

“The appointees and elected members shall not engage in any conflict of interest between public and private affairs, including business with government, whether directly or indirectly,” he said.

The Azimio administration, according to Mr Odinga, will direct Parliament to establish mechanisms to facilitate the expeditious investigation, prosecution and trial of cases relating to corruption and integrity, so as to achieve speedy disposal of such matters.

“We shall also ensure that public servants do not engage in commercial and business activities with the government whatsoever,” said Mr Odinga, who on May 16 proposed his running mate, Ms Martha Karua, as the Azimio Justice and Constitutional Affairs Cabinet secretary.

Community health workers

On health, Mr Odinga said that through his Baba Care programme, the Azimio administration will integrate and give greater recognition to community health workers as partners at the grassroots as a cost-effective way to extend health services to hard-to-reach areas through a last mile approach to healthcare.

“Civil servants retiring shall also continue with their medical cover, at government cost.”

Through his social transformation programme, Mr Odinga noted that Inua Jamii will come in handy for vulnerable families, with each benefiting from a cash transfer of Sh6,000 a month.

“We shall commence providing social assistance to single mothers, implement a social protection programme for unemployed youths modeled around Kazi Mtaani and review the cost of living with special focus on the pressure of fuel, unga (flour), mobile data and energy,” said Mr Odinga in key promises targeting to address the rising cost of living.

Mr Odinga, who promised to ensure at least each and every county has a manufacturing company, said in his first 100 days in office, he would waive regulatory and other licensing fees for new youth-led manufacturing innovations to ensure they are a success.

“We shall encourage and support technological exchanges with industries and other countries for mutual benefit, procure and promote “Made in Kenya” products – Buy Kenya Build Kenya -- and give incentives to Kenyans, including those in the diaspora, and foreigners, to invest in the manufacturing sector,” he said.

On agriculture and livestock, he noted that his administration would promote agro-processing and value addition as well as review policies, laws, standards and norms to guide the sector.

“We shall establish a livestock insurance scheme backed by an appropriate legal framework,” he noted.

To entice the ‘Hustlers,’ the Azimio coalition party leader pointed out that on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), his administration shall implement Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) certification programme to award certificates to artisans, craftsmen and technicians who have obtained skills and knowledge through apprenticeship and work experience to enhance their employment opportunities, by empowering their efforts in a programme dubbed - “Shahada la Jitihada”.

Expanding local manufacturing

“We shall adopt the Affordable Housing Programme Jua Kali Production Manual for purposes of ring-fencing the 69 items earmarked for Jua Kali production with the aim of expanding local manufacturing.

“… and connect Jua Kali manufacturers with orders for the doors, windows, nails, hinges, and all the other 69 items under the Affordable Housing Programme as well as create a financial institution that will provide low interest credit to boda and other small scale entities.”

The Azimio government, according to Mr Odinga, would review policies, standards and norms, legislation and regulations to guide the fisheries sector and increase funding for research in the blue economy.

“We shall also develop a roadmap towards reduction in costs of energy to ensure a stable petroleum pricing policy attracts investments towards alternative sources and renewable energy.”

On Tourism, the Azimio government plans to support the revival of the tourism sector by aggressively promoting Kenya as a preferred tourism destination. This will be done by positioning and marketing the country as a premier tourism destination in the world.

“We shall promote Kenya as an affordable, safe destination in Africa and review visa restrictions that may inhibit travels,” he said.

Mr Odinga also promised to expand programmes that connect the youth to the digital economy global networks for employment.

“We shall initiate reforms in sport participation by women, girls and PWDs (people with disabilities) and create a ministry for youth affairs, while also implementing the seven-year tax holiday,” Mr Odinga said.

To manage public debt, Mr Odinga promised to strengthen the national planning function to ensure streamlined implementation of government programmes and efficient budgeting, including allocation of resources to priority sectors.

He also pledged to strengthen the role of the National Treasury in accordance with Article 225 of the Constitution.

“On nation building, we shall officially reaffirm the status, nationality and citizenship of all minority ethnic groups in Kenya in their equal status with other Kenyans … and establish a National Heroes Trust to immortalise our freedom fighters and the heroes of all our struggles, including men and women in uniform,” said Mr Odinga.

He also promised to immediately pay compensation awards made by courts to victims of injustices by the state and establish the Kenya National Languages Council to promote all indigenous and sign languages and provide a comprehensive digital dictionary for all languages.

“We shall establish the Office of Victims of Extra Judicial Killing, Torture, Renditions and Enforced Disappearances to investigate all such cases and recommend appropriate measures.”


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