Sue me instead of calling for mass action, President Ruto tells Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga and Martha Karua

Azimio la Umoja Leaders Raila Odinga and Martha Karua addressing the Press on the up Coming Rallies in Nairobi. 

Photo credit: Pool

President William Ruto has challenged Azimio leader Raila Odinga to take him to court instead of calling for mass action in order to put his administration in check.

This as the President dismissed claims that the Judiciary has gone to bed with the Executive, hence his close dalliance with the arm of government.

In a swift rejoinder, however, Azimio hit back saying they do not need any unsolicited advice as the December 7 meeting at the Kamukunji grounds, in Nairobi, is a public consultative forum and not a call to public protest.

DP Gachagua hits out at Azimio leader Raila Odinga over mass action plan

President Ruto said in as much as everyone has a right to do what they want, demonstrations are not the way out.

He said no one is an angel and, therefore, and he can be right or wrong and so he has no problem,  individually or his government, being taken to court.

However, Mr Odinga maintained that the Wednesday meeting is a coming together of Kenyans to share views on the state of affairs in the country.

He assured Kenyans that the meeting and a subsequent one at Jacaranda Grounds in Nairobi on December 12 — which he said will be a celebration of patriots — will be a peaceful and orderly gathering of Kenyans and not a protest or picketing as the government is trying to portray it.

The ODM leader warned the government not to use any excuse to cause mayhem that day and blame it on Azimio leaders.

“The government has tried to paint a horror movie picture of this event. The maandamano they are talking about is theirs, not the event we are planning. We will not engage in any act of hooliganism and no destruction of property will be witnessed,” said Mr Odinga.

Raila: We'll spill the beans at Kamukunji

“Should they try to plant people to disrupt the event or to take advantage of the meeting to create chaos, the government will have itself to blame. We appeal to our people to turn up in large numbers and peacefully deliberate on the state of affairs of our nation,” Mr Odinga added.

In what appears to be a change of tune, President Ruto on Sunday maintained his government will not be blackmailed by the Azimio leader through planned protests.

The Head of State said he will provide the opposition leaders with enough security, telling them to hold as many rallies as possible so long as they do not lead to destruction of property.

“Everybody is entitled to do what they must do and it is okay to take me or the government to court. I have no problem because it means I was wrong in their opinion,” said President Ruto.

“Nobody is an angel and every one of us can be wrong or right and so we leave it to the Judiciary to decide whether one is guilty or innocent and in that way, we will be affirming the foundation of the rule of law in our country,” he added.

Drawing parallels with the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) taking him to court over legality of the principal secretaries list compiled by the Public Service Commission, President Ruto urged the ODM leader to follow the same route.

However, he said, whoever loses should not feel bitter but embrace the outcome of the court the same way LSK did.

“My good friend, LSK president Eric Theuri, took me to court and I appreciate it because it is the wheels of justice. I am very happy that he is not threatening to organise demonstrations because he did not win the case,” he said.

Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua said the public consultations are about the four IEBC commissioners who have been subjected to gross injustices and forced to resign as well as other pressing national issues.

“The consultations are also about the IEBC, which is being cannibalised, the consequences of which shall be grim. We will, therefore, be gathering to discuss the general state of affairs of our nation and the direction the regime is taking,” Ms Karua said.

She further alleged that President Ruto is slowly imposing a mafia state on Kenya where gangsters reign free.

“It has been said jokingly in the past that whereas other countries have a mafia, in Kenya the mafia have a country. This is now officially true.”

Ms Karua also expressed concerns over what she termed “cannibalisation and politicisation of the public service” and the skewed appointments with a return of nepotism, tribalism and favouritism.

She accused President Ruto of appointing failed politicians, crooked businessmen and mercenary activists to run ministries while also turning the public service into a preserve of only two communities.

“We are seeing a pattern where people facing serious criminal cases like money laundering, fraud and giving kickbacks are being appointed to critical positions, including leadership of the very institutions that have taken them to court.

Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe said Kenyans should not sit and watch the country go to the dogs.

“We are cautioning Kenyans that the era of dictatorship is back. We are not going to allow that and we are going to engage the government.”


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