Rigathi Gachagua: My billions will be unfrozen if we take power

Kenya Kwanza deputy presidential candidate Rigathi Gachagua

Kenya Kwanza deputy presidential candidate Rigathi Gachagua.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua says his bank accounts will be unfrozen if the alliance captures power in the August 9 polls.

The accounts were frozen in 2020 as the government questioned the source of Sh12.5 billion that passed through them.

Speaking in Konyu ward in his Mathira constituency, Nyeri County, Mr Gachagua said he was certain the accounts would be given a clean bill of health if Kenya Kwanza took over power.

“You all know the current government has frozen all my bank accounts. When our government gets to power and I become the Deputy President, I know my accounts will be unfrozen, I know my salary will increase,” he said.

Mr Gachagua also promised to build a “state house” in Konyu ward where he would meet locals and have a good time with them.

“I will build a good house in this ward where we shall be enjoying regular meat eating and drinking sessions with local men. My wife will also have her place where she will be meeting with other women,” Mr Gachagua said, before quipping, “Is that okay with you people?” The crowd answered “yes” in unison.     

The Mathira MP pledged to raise his donations to churches tenfold if his alliance forms the next government.

He said: “I thank the church because if it were not for prayers, I would not have been elevated to this position. I promise that when I get there I will increase my donation to churches from Sh100,000 that I have been donating to Sh1 million. I know God will bless me more.”

Parliamentary candidate

During the Monday meeting, Mr Gachagua met local leaders and drummed up support for UDA Mathira parliamentary candidate Eric Wamumbi.

Mr Gachagua, who is battling allegations of corruption in court, has been in the spotlight following a series of controversial statements, soon after he was named Dr William Ruto’s running mate, earning the dubious "loose cannon" tag.

However, Kenya Kwanza luminaries, including Dr Ruto, have occasionally some to his defense, accusing his opponents of twisting his remarks to suit their political interests.

Last month, Mr Gachagua kicked off a storm on mainstream and social media platforms when he suggested to Dr Ruto to adopt Moi-style lavish State House parties where Kenyans would enjoy food and drinks.

During a funeral ceremony for his stepbrother in Hiriga village that was attended by the DP, Mr Gachagua told his boss that if he makes it to the presidency in August, he should adopt “Moi generosity” and open up the local State House and lodges to the public where he would slaughter goats and bulls to feed visitors.

“There is one thing President Moi used to do, and I want you to do the same. Once you visit the state lodge, slaughter some bulls, goats and prepare rice. Let the people party and then bid you goodbye. We don’t need anything else here,” he said.

During the Moi regime, such lavish State House parties were thrown every other day for “Kanu delegates” from various parts of the country and they would pledge their loyalty to the President. Critics dismissed this as a misuse and waste of public resources.

Social media was abuzz with Mr Gachagua’s remarks, some criticising him for having a “Moi mentality” while his supporters lauded him for being generous unlike “UhuRuto”, who were perceived as “stingy’ for not entertaining their supporters at State Houses after they took over the presidency in 2013.

Treated to some food

Mr Gachagua later reiterated that state lodges would be opened to Kenyans to feast on food and drinks if he and Dr Ruto take over power.

"People must interact with their President and their government. When you visit your friends, you are treated to some food and drinks,” he said.

“When we visit our President and government, we will be treated to the same feasting. Let us slaughter bulls and cook rice to go with the beef. Our people don’t want anything else. This is what used to happen during the Moi era.”

Mr Gachagua was at it again when he stated that the Persian blue police uniforms belong to the PCEA women’s guild and they would be returned where they belong if Kenya Kwanza forms the next government.

The remarks caused an uproar, with some leaders including Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho hitting back and accusing Mr Gachagua of demeaning the police and PCEA women.

Mr Gachagua’s view on the telecom giant Safaricom has also drawn scrutiny.

He was quoted saying that Kenya Kwanza would grow the enterprises of small business people who constitute the majority.

“Instead of having giant corporations like Safaricom paying taxes; you can have such a company’s investment and create many smaller companies that will pay taxes,” he said.

Some Kenyans interpreted these remarks to mean that the Kenya Kwanza brigade would crack down on large-scale investors if they win in August.


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