Ipsos poll: Raila leads Ruto with 6 percentage points

Azimio One Kenya Coalition  presidential candidate Raila Odinga has opened a 6-point gap against  against Kenya Kwanza Presidential candidate William Ruto.

According to an opinion poll by Ipsos, Mr. Odinga is the most preferred presidential candidate at 47 percent against Dr Ruto  at 41 percent. 

The poll carried out between 23rd -26 July and after the presidential debate held between 27-30 July 2022 also places Roots Party Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah a distant third with a rating of 2.9 percent while Waihiga Mwaura has a rating of  0.2 percent.

According to Samuel Muthoka, the director of research at Ipsos, the number of undecided voters stands at 4 percent and the ability should Mr Odinga convert half of the undecided voters, he will have a first round win. 

"From this research, if Mr Odinga converts half of the undecided voters he will have a first round win while of Mr Ruto will convert half of the undecided voters, he will force a re-run of the election," Mr Muthoka said. 

The poll 6,105 households spread across 47 counties in the country. Only registered voters were involved and face to face interviews were carried out with a marginal error +- 1.254 percent. 

It further indicated Mr Odinga's has a sweet spot in relation to his legacy, as a democrat and a nationalist while Dr Ruto presents hope and has a clear plan that will benefit regular Kenyans.