Uhuru, Mudavadi to face off in polls

UDF leader Musalia Mudavadi, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta of TNA and URP leader William Ruto after signing a coalition agreement at Laico Regency in Nairobi on December 04, 2012. Billy Mutai | Nation

What you need to know:

  • Agreement says whoever loses in the presidential nominations between the two to settle for majority leader post

The National Alliance’s Uhuru Kenyatta and United Democratic Forum’s Musalia Mudavadi will participate in a joint nomination to select the presidential candidate for their alliance.

The third principal, United Republican Party’s William Ruto, will remain the coalition’s running mate.

Whoever loses in the presidential primaries between Mr Kenyatta and Mr Mudavadi will be the coalition’s majority leader if they win the March 4 General Election.

According to the amended agreement, the presidential nominations are to be held by December 18.

With regard to the State and Public offices enumerated under Article 132 of the Constitution, the formula for allocation among URP, TNA and UDF shall be 33:33:33, the agreement reads.

“Without prejudice to the above the Parties that will provide Presidential and Deputy Presidential Candidate shall cede some of their entitlement under the formula for allocation as may be negotiated by the Coalition Partners,” the agreement says.

The document says that the appointments will have to respect the Constitutional requirements regarding ethnic and regional balance as well as representation of women, youth, persons with disabilities and marginalised communities.

“Appointments and dismissals shall be effected as agreed by the Presidential Candidate, the deputy Presidential Candidate and the Leader of Majority Designate,” the agreement seen by the Nation says.

The agreement just like the initial one that had been signed by Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto on Monday has left the door open for other political parties to be enjoined to the alliance that was formalised on Tuesday evening.

The agreement says parties willing to partner with the coalition can choose to join in before or after the election. The pact says the two parties will continue to reach out to other parties “with shared values and objectives.”

“Any such party may join this Coalition on such terms as shall be agreed upon by the Coalition partners and the joining Party or Parties either through a pre-election or a post-election agreement,” it states.