Revealed: The richest and poorest counties

School children from Gem sell mangoes by the roadside at Ndori trading centre at the weekend. The fruits, which are in season there, cost Sh50 per bowl, making it an attractive business for students on holiday. A new study shows that Nairobi is the richest county and Turkana the poorest. PHOTO/JACOB OWITI

What you need to know:

  • The poorest county still remains Turkana where 88 per cent of the people there unable afford Sh1,562 per month. Turkana has been in the news in the last three days because four villages have been under siege following a boundary dispute with Pokot County.
  • Eight in every 10 people are poor in the poorest counties of Turkana, Mandera and Wajir providing a basis for the county governments to spend a lot of resources to reverse the situation.
  • Among counties, the highest amount of resources needed to pull poor people out of poverty is highest in Tana River. The least resources needed to move poor people out poverty is in Nairobi.

Nairobi is Kenya’s richest county while Turkana is the poorest, according a new report to be published Tuesday.


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