How Njonjo, Gethi were embroiled in coup plot in Seychelles that embarrassed Moi

What you need to know:

  • It is now known that a French tourist, not part of the group but sandwiched between them and the last two, was found to have concealed a fruit in his bag. An officer ordered everyone to open their bags including the force bottoms for a thorough check.
  • ‘Mad Mike', who had hoped to take over the radio station, the airport and the nearby army barracks early next morning, was quickly informed and a gun fight ensued.
  • After ‘Mad Mike’ was arrested in South Africa, he was accused of kidnapping a pilot and no mercenary charges were brought.
  • Back in Nairobi, the embarrassing saga saw President Moi write to President Rene to deny that his government was involved in the coup attempt.

The last time a Kenyan journalist tried to fly into Seychelles to follow the story of former President James Mancham, he was forced to remove his shoes, and ordered to squat on the floor as he awaited deportation orders.


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