Uhuru takes oath as Kenya's President

What you need to know:

In attendance:

  • Yoweri Museveni (President - Uganda)
  • Jakaya Kikwete (President - Tanzania)
  • Salva Kiir (President - South Sudan)
  • Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (President - Somalia)
  • Jacob Zuma (President - South Africa)
  • Ali Bongo (President - Gabon)
  • Jonathan Goodluck (President - Nigeria)
  • Joseph Kabila (President - DRC)
  • Paul Kagame (President - Rwanda)
  • Ismail Guelleh (President - Djibouti)
  • Robert Mugabe (President - Zimbabwe)
  • Haile Mariam Desalegn (Prime Minister - Ethiopia)
  • Daniel arap Moi (Former President - Kenya)
  • Kenneth Kaunda (Former President - Zambia)

15:38 President Kenyatta concludes his speech.

15:35 Uhuru: Politics should not divide us, let us all work for the greater good of Kenyans.

15:33 Uhuru: Let us move together in the spirit of our national anthem and Constitution.

15:32 Uhuru: It's time to ask not who we voted for but what future were are devoted to.

15:31 Uhuru: The time has come to unify as a whole regardless of tribal, political or religious affiliations.

15:30 Uhuru: We are ready for partnership, we are open for business and we invite you to invest in our country.

15:29 Uhuru: Africa should deal with other nations as equals, our economies and people are interconnected.

15:28 Uhuru: Kenya will be a partner and ally of the African Union.

15:27 Uhuru: My goal is to see the continues growth of our community (EAC) towards integration.

15:26 Uhuru: My administration is dedicated to regional trade and integration.

15:25 Uhuru: We want a stable Somalia. Our future and peace lies with our neighbours.

15:24 Uhuru: I will work with the international community.

15:23 Uhuru: My government will continue to work with the men and women in uniform.

15:22 Uhuru: We remain indebted to our soldiers.

15:21 Uhuru: My government will strike a destructive blow to all who threaten Kenya's tourism.

15:20 Uhuru: We will not tolerate those who continue to threaten the security and peace of our citizens

15:19 Uhuru: My government will deal with pending land issues.

15:18 Uhuru: Our doors will always be open, we shall not neglect needs of the people, no community will be side-lined.

15:17 Uhuru: I will address parliament on April 16 to outline my agenda.

15:16 Uhuru: My government will support the local industry by buying Kenyan products first.

15:15 Uhuru: My administration will work towards diversifying our national base.

15:14 Uhuru: The Procurement process will be faster and more transparent.

15:13 Uhuru: For too long our nation has exported jobs that should belong to our citizens.

15:12 Uhuru: Within 100 days, we'll ensure there is free maternal healthcare

15:11 Uhuru: We made a promise to our children and we will keep it. Standard One pupils will receive laptops.

15:10 Uhuru: The Sh6bn set aside for the run-off will be used for youth and women funds.

15:09 Uhuru: Real peace and prosperity is when women and young people are seen and heard at decision making table.

15:08 Uhuru: Lasting peace will be established and maintained through multilevel development.

15:07 Uhuru: I will lead all Kenyans, those who voted for me and those who supported my competitors.

15:06 Uhuru: Where systems failed, Kenyans did not. They carried themselves our honourably.

15:05 Uhuru: We will recognise that at the end of the day, it is the kindred spirit of the Kenyan people that was a true headliner in this story.

15:04 Uhuru: History will list and honour individuals and institution that played a part in the poll.

15:03 Uhuru: The youth in our country were meaningfully included in the electoral process.

15:02 Uhuru: I acknowledge all presidential candidates in the March 4 polls because they gave Kenyans a real choice to pick a leader.

15:01 Uhuru: I salute all architects of liberation in Africa.

15:00 Uhuru: I thank retired President Moi for his service to this nation.

14:59 Uhuru: I acknowledge and thank Mwai Kibaki for his service to this nation.

14:58 Uhuru: I thank all Heads of State and their representatives who are here for their support.

14:57 President Uhuru Kenyatta deliver his inaugural speech.

14:53 Ruto: I thank my wife, kids, and the residents of Eldoret North for standing by me.

14:51 Ruto: We will serve all Kenyans equally because that is what Kenyans want.

14:50 Ruto: In both 2002 and 2007 polls people voted for individuals who were not from their communities.

14:49 Ruto: There are people who are worried about the division in this country.

14:47 Ruto: We are confident that in using our strong agricultural base, we shall expand food production and lower the cost of living.

14:46 Ruto: If we improve our agricultural systems, we can ensure that we have enough food.

14:45 Ruto: We pledge to grow the Kenyan economy by double digits. There's no reason we can't achieve this in five years.

14:44 Ruto: Political leadership in Kenya will no longer be about personalities but about policies.

14:43 Ruto: Never again will the people of this country shed innocent blood, destroy property over political competition.

14:43 Ruto: We not only succeeded in this, but also won the election in the first round.

14:42 Ruto: As we embarked on that journey, God enabled us to not only succeed but also gave us dividends and a bonus.

14:41 Ruto: When Kenyatta and I decided to work together three years ago, it was not about winning an election but about unifying communities.

14:40 Deputy President William Ruto now makes his address to the nation, thanks Kibaki for his contribution to the nation.

14:39 Kibaki: Wishes Uhuru, Ruto and incoming leadership well.

14:38 Kibaki: Our region holds much promise for our people. Let us embrace regional integration.

14:37 Kibaki: Devolution should ensure greater synergy for the people at the grassroots.

14:36 Kibaki: I thank the voters in Othaya who gave me the opportunity to serve them as their MP.

14:36 Kibaki: As make my exit, I have no doubt that the country is in good hands. Kenya has a dynamic duo.

14:35 Kibaki: I wish to thank my wife Mama Lucy Kibaki and my entire family for their unwavering support over the years.

14:34 Kibaki: I thank all taxpayers who have ensured that the government has adequate resources to fund the development agenda.

14:32 Kibaki: We have made major strides in building infrastructure

14:31: Kibaki: I bid you farewell after a long and fruitful 50 years of public service.

14:30 Kibaki: We have achieved many things in the last 10 years.

14:29 Kibaki: We celebrate our democratic gains under the 2010 Constitution.

14:28 Kibaki: I am happy to pass the torch of leadership to the new generation of leaders.

14:27 Kibaki: I salute those who voted and sent a clear message that our democracy has come of age.

14:25 Kibaki: I thank all the Head of States and governments, and our International friends who have graced this occasion.

14:23 Retired President Kibaki takes the stage, addresses the crowds at Kasarani.

14:21 Museveni: I thank Kibaki who has served Kenyans for the last 50 years, may his retirement be enjoyable.

14:20 Museveni: I would never invite the international community to solve Uganda's internal problems.

14:18 Museveni: Uganda has also gone though similar conflicts, but we did not go to ICC.

14:17 Museveni: What happened in 2007 was regrettable, but the ICC process is not the solution.

14:16 Museveni: The ICC is being used to choose leaders for Africa

14:15 Museveni: I supported ICC, but it has now been abused.

14:14 Museveni: I salute Kenyans for rejecting the blackmail by ICC.

14:13 Museveni: We need to boost trade be completing the integration of the East Africa Community

14:12 Museveni: East Africa is rich in natural resources; we need to exploit these to boost other sectors

14:11 Museveni: Time has come for our region to coordinate policies that will lead to the transformation of our communities.

14:10 Museveni: Uhuru is coming into office at a time of great opportunity in the East African region.

14:08 Museveni: The Kenyan Electoral process is a cource of pride for all Africans, I congratulate you all.

14:06 Museveni: I commend Raila and Kalonzo for the manner in which they addressed their grievances.

14:06 Museveni congratulates Raila, Kalonzo and other presidential candidates. He says they provided a choice for Kenyans

14: 04 Museveni: I would also like to congratulate Raila, Kalonzo and others for accepting their defeat.

14:03 Museveni: The people of Uganda congratulate you all for upholding peace.

14: 01 Museveni: I congratulate President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President Ruto and the Jubilee Coalition for your victory.

14:00 Ruto invites Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to make his address on behalf of visiting Heads of States.

13:59 Deputy President William Ruto addressing the crowd at Kasarani.

13:54 The Moipei Quartet performing Roger Whittaker's 'My land is Kenya'.

13:50 Jemimah Thion'go sings 'Mwenye Baraka' together with Kenyatta University Choir.

13:48 President Uhuru Kenyatta's blue standard (including TNA dove) hoisted at State House, Nairobi.

13:45 Commander-in-Chief Uhuru Kenyatta grants permission for the Guard of Honour to exit the Stadium.

13:36 Bishop Oginde quotes scriptures and prays for Uhuru and Ruto to be instruments of peace as they kneel with their spouses at the dais.

13:36 Bishop David Oginde leads prayers

13:34 Retired President Kibaki's presidential standard presented to him by Gen Karangi as the crowd cheers.

13:32 Firing of 21 gun salute by Kenya Navy in honour of President Uhuru Kenyatta underway.

13:29 President Uhuru Kenyatta's flag is hoisted as Kibaki's flag is lowered while the National Anthem is being played.

13:26 Kibaki presents to President Uhuru Kenyatta the ceremonial sword to signify that he is now Commander-in-Chief.

13:24 Retiring President Mwai Kibaki handing over of the instruments of power and authority to President Kenyatta

13:22 CJ Mutunga presents the certificate of inauguration to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

13:20 President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto together with their spouses proceed to the VIP dais.

13:17 Chief Justice Willy Mutunga witnesses that oaths of office and hands over the copies to Mr Ruto.

13:16 Deputy President William Ruto signs the oaths with his wife Rachael by his side.

13:13 William Ruto takes the oath of due execution of functions of Office of Deputy President

13:11 William Ruto takes oath of office as Deputy President with his wife Rachel by his side.

13:09 Chief Justice Willy Mutunga hands over copies of the signed oaths to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

13:06 President Uhuru Kenyatta signs oaths of allegiance and due execution of office.

13:03 Uhuru Kenyatta takes oath of execution of Office of President.

13:02 Uhuru Kenyatta takes office as Kenya's fourth President.

13:01 Shollei administers the Oath of Allegiance of the Office of President on Uhuru Kenyatta.

13:00 Uhuru Kenyatta steps onto the dais to take his oath as Kenya's President.

12:57 Chief Justice Willy Mutunga confirms that Kenya's President-elect is Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy being William Ruto.

12:54 Chief Registrar of Judiciary Gladys Shollei takes her position ready to administer oath of office to Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

12:49 Cardinal Njue prays for retiring President Kibaki. Asks God to bless him for his service.

12:47 Cardinal Njue prays for the nation, wishes a peaceful Kenya

12:45 Head of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), Archbishop Eliud Wabukala prays for the nation, asks God to bless the leaders of Kenya.

12:43 Sheik asks Allah to give Kibaki health and long life as he retires.

12:40 Supkem Sheik offers prayers asking God to bless Kenya and the new government.

12:35 Kibaki exchanges pleasantries with other dignitaries at the VIP dias and takes his seat.

12:32 Kibaki finishes inspecting his last Guard of Honour and heads to the VIP dias.

12:20 Kibaki inspects his last Guard of Honour and is escorted by Chief of Defence Forces Gen Julius Karangi

12:18 National Anthem now playing

12:17 President Kibaki disembarks from the military Land Rover after making his final lap of honour as Head of State

12:14 President Kibaki waves at the crowd as his vehicle drives around the stadium for his final lap of honour as Head of State.

12:12 President Kibaki's convoy arrives at Kasarani, boards ceremonial military Land Rover for his last State function.

12:05 President Mwai Kibaki motorcade to arrive shortly at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani


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