Njoki Muchemi's sister: Our hearts are not even healed from dad's sudden death and now this

The Stanton family

Mary Njoki Muchemi (right) was killed alongside her two daughters on Saturday by her husband. Left: Ms Muchemi with her husband Gary Stanton and their daughters Brianna Stanton (carried) and Andrianna Stanton.

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The family of Njoki Muchemi have described her as an easy-going person who loved her family and showed no sign of being in a distressed marriage. 

In a statement, Emily Muchemi said that her sister was full of life and optimistic

“We met earlier this week and nothing seemed off," Muchemi said in a statement.

"We talked and joked every day. Our hearts are not even healed from dad's sudden death and now this," Emily said.

Njoki had worked to become a registered nurse and had recently started at an adult daycare center in Louisville.

"Family was important to her and she worked hard to lift everyone up in the family," Emily said. 

Adrianna, a student active in numerous organizations, was a senior at duPont Manual High School while her younger sister Brianna attended Noe Middle School.

"She was a smart and responsible young lady with a bright future ahead of her," Emily said, adding that Brianna was full of life and got along well with everyone.

Brian Muchemi, Njoki's brother said it was difficult for the family on what could have transpired.

"I don't know the cause, but I pray they all rest in peace," said Mr Muchemi. 

Njoki's younger brother Moses Michemi described the incident as shocking, coming barely a month after the couple and children attended their dad's burial in Kirinyaga. 

Ms Muchemi's father Geoffrey Migwi Muchemi passed away in October 17, and was buried on November 12 in Kiamaina, Kirinyaga, a function that saw the couple not only attend but also played a big role in its planning and finances. 

"As a family, we are still in shock on what could have transpired. They were such a happy and trusting couple. During their stay here last month, we did not see anything amiss. They loved and cared for each other," Moses said. 

He added: "My sister would have told us if she had any troubles. She did not. In fact, Gary left her behind as he went back to the United States because the girls were due for school. He would communicate with her daily until she later joined them."

Emily Muchemi, Njoki's sister said that nothing seemed off with the couple, adding that the murders came a s a shock to her, and the family. 

Waithera Ng'anga, a classmate of Ms Muchemi described her as hard working and happy person.

"I went to Catholic University and did my undergraduate with Njoki. She was the happiest person ever...always had a plan...and her laugh you could hear it a mile away. She was a born leader and stood up for people," Ms Nga'ng'a said in a tweet. 

Ms Mucheni and her two daughters Adri ana, and Brianna were killed on Saturday by her husband Gary Stanton in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, in what police suspect to be murder-suicide.

Several media reports indicated that Mr Stanton shot dead Njoki 49, and daughters Andrianna, 17, and Brianna , 11, in their house in the Valley Station neighbourhood.

Initial reports from Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) show that it appeared Mr. Stanton was the aggressor, shooting his wife and daughters dead, before turning the gun on himself.

According to the Jefferson County Coroner's Office, Mary and Andrianna were shot multiple times and Brianna was shot once. Mary was shot six days after the family celebrated her birthday.

Mr Stanton died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the coroner added.

"We feel pretty confident that the incident is going to be a murder-suicide situation where the adult male was the primary aggressor who shot the three females," LMPD Maj. Micah Scheu said on Saturday.

He added: “Any time lives are lost, anytime there's juveniles involved obviously it's very difficult. Many of our officers are fathers and mothers as well. It's difficult to see anything like this."

Going by his recent posts on social media, it appears Mr Stanton was undergoing hours of mental health illnesses and one of his last posts on Facebook showed how dire the situation was for him.

On November 22, the deceased husband and father posted that he would no longer follow his doctor's prescriptions adding they were not helping him

"Therapists tell me I can work through, but the medication is not working. I hate the way I am feeling inside. Mental health is grabbing a strong hold on me. I hate what I am feeling" he said on November 22.

However, the feelings of the illness must have dissipated because just six days before the gruesome murder of his family and alleged suicide, Mr Stanton appeared happy and even celebrated his wife's birthday.

"Happy birthday to my wife, the love of my life," he posted.

However, come Saturday morning, the worst happened, and the entire Stanton family was no more in the quiet neighbourhood of Valley Station in Louisville where locals are busy preparing for the coming Christmas holidays.


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