British High Commissioner Jane Marriott
Joan Pereruan | Nation Media Group

This is my sexual attack experience

What you need to know:

  • She speaks mostly as a woman reliving a horrific episode that took place 17 years ago.
  • The massive support Ms Marriott received from the men around her allowed her to process it. 

“If my story can help just one woman say, ‘This isn’t normal. I need to change my circumstances,’ – or have just one man say, ‘How can I be a better ally? What can I do to help?’ then that’s why I’m telling this story – to reduce the stigma and show women that gender-based violence is more common than we think; that it is unacceptable; that there are loads of good men out there, as well as a minority who (assault), and that we’re stronger if men and women pull together and show that while it’s common, it’s not normal, it’s not right, and it’s not fair.”


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