Kenya Kwanza lawmakers’ rat race for female MP

Two Kenya Kwanza legislators from Western and Rift Valley are in a cut-throat competition to win the heart of one of their female colleagues.

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Two Kenya Kwanza legislators from Western and Rift Valley are in a cut-throat competition to win the heart of one of their female colleagues. The young, vocal and money hungry lawmakers fiercely campaigned for the female lawmaker, but have since failed to agree on who should take her as “mpango wa kando”. The fight for the woman is so vicious that the two lawmakers want her to involve them in every event and projects in her constituency.

Top honcho smuggling sugar freely

A senior government official is said to be directly involved in smuggling of illegal sugar from a neighbouring country. The man who holds a strategic position is said to be running several godowns where the illegal sugar is repackaged into packets of a popular brand. The said brand has suddenly become available in nearly all supermarkets. Sources whispered to Talk of Town that the business could be a joint venture by several other influential figures. As the few individuals rake in hundreds of millions of shillings in the trade, local sugar companies are at risk of closing down. Livelihood of farmers are also at stake.

Alcoholic principal, deputy a worry

The principal of mixed day school in Luo Nyanza, alongside his deputy, are giving parents and the community a headache due to their alcohol addiction. The two habitually come to school drunk. Hours before the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam results were released, the two teachers went into a drinking den with some of the candidates expecting their results.  The school has been performing poorly in the last couple of years and parents now want the two senior teachers removed. Our mole says relevant authorities have caught a whiff of the mischief.

 Rogue officers cashing in on slots

Senior officials at the Ministry of Education and school principals are said to be extorting parents seeking to change schools for their children joining Form One. The ministry officials are said to be demanding as high as Sh50,000 to effect such Form One placements. Several parents are in desperate attempts to change schools for their children for various reasons, including lack of school fees. Some of the officials are said to be dropping names of the “higher-ups” when demanding for more money before they can help the parents. Can Cabinet Secretary Ezekial Machogu rein on the rogue elements operating under his ministry?

Cabinet Secretary’s sudden wealth

Fortunes of a Cabinet Secretary in charge of a lucrative docket seems to have changed drastically, according to stories by his friends. The man – who has in the past seized every opportunity to narrate his humble background – is said to be swimming in money. The man is said to have stopped buying his clothes from boutiques in Nairobi. Instead his clothes are imported. Currently, the man puts on clothes worth a brand new Toyota Vitz. He seems to be one of the first major beneficiaries of the Kenya Kwanza government that rode to power on the platform of uplifting the living standard of the majority poor.

Senior politician loses seat and wife

A senior opposition political figure is living a lonely life after his wife left him for having an illicit affair with another woman. The man, who suffered a major political blow by failing to retain his seat in the last poll, is said to have been using proxies to get back to the wife, unsuccessfully. The woman he is accused of seeing is also a politician. He is also accused of having a string of other women, something that made the wife vow not to come back. The man has since kept a low profile as he tries to fix his family.

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